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  1. As long as the Chinese and Indians continue to burn coal a complete rundown by us will be nothing more than piss in the wind. We should produce as much as possible by wind and solar however we still have several hundred years of coal reserves beneath the UK even were it being used at the rate we were using it 40 years ago. Any new coal fired power stations could be much more efficient than the old power stations were. My thoughts are that a new build of say four or five highly efficient coal fired power stations to help fill the gaps when wind and solar are low would make sense and would have little negative effect compared with what is being done in Asia and unlike them we do have the willpower to control the amount of pollution that our col fired power stations would create.
  2. Fuck the lot of them .. Up The Alex! Up the IRA!
  3. Clavo

    Mental Health

    You should have prefixed Neo with "Pillow Biting little"
  4. Wiffle, you need to throw the Bluffers Guides away .. 50 years ago they were great but now like you they are just old and no longer relevant.
  5. Not a very erudite answer Wolfie .. no answer .. at a guess you yourself are childless and live alone?
  6. You do have a rather narrow focus Wolfie .. there are a few of your allies here who post throughout the night. Not just at the weekend but on every night/early morning of the week. Either we have a lot of night security staff, insomniac old age pensioners who have little to do or more likely they are not economically active. You also seem to spend a lot of your time here .. which one are you?
  7. You are are cheekly little boy today .. do you wish that you had a horse cock?
  8. Its also raining in Ape's part of the world
  9. That's a lot of effort for someone who is "outside".
  10. Is it happening more often Ape?
  11. Yes .. very odd behaviour for a "happily married father of three".
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