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  1. The "husband" is the one that seems to have the tits.
  2. Back on topic here are a pair of Scottish cream puffs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57411754 Nik Sennhauser, right, and his husband Graham on an international flight in the time before the Covid pandemic
  3. I am hoping that it is a complete success which will encourage more of them to have a go preferably with them and more similar cunts on board which will do a flight of the bumblebee straight back down.I hope that Beardie fries on his Galatica thing.
  4. We gave them Oliver Sacks who was a chutney ferret.
  5. Was he Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise?,
  6. Some concerns I have re the second dose is that I have had some symptoms where the advice is to contact your GP or dial 111 .. neither are practical options at the moment. Another issue that I think is misleading is the alleged effectiveness of the first dose. Whilst quoted effectiveness is I think around 60% in the real world that can dramatically reduce both the effects of the disease itself and the level of transmission to a far greater extent than implied .. in fact a 50% decrease in transmission can actually take things to below the tipping point where a infection will cease to happen. I think that I am correct in saying the many vaccines are in theory only around 50% effective in stopping transmission on an individual level but in the general pollution their overall effect is much higher. Statistics can be a rather blunt and inaccurate tool if everything is not taken into account.
  7. This was the bit in the Yeadon youtube diatribe that really unravelled much of what Yeadon was saying. If the elite were following a depopulution agenda they would logically be trying to eliminate the populations of Africa and of the Muslim countries. This seems to be opposite to what is actually happening in that the "elite" and their followers are tending to have the vaccine. In one part he also seems to contradict himself where he suggest that once you have had the first vaccination you are already protected from the variants after saying that getting the vaccination give you no protection. I suppose the proof of his theory might prove itself in a year or two's time if people who have had the vaccination start dying in large numbers .. of course on the other hand if that happens it might just suggest that those people had an extra year or two of life because they had been vaccinated.
  8. Was he running along the outside lane of the A55 at Colwyn Bay when it happened?
  9. Livers damaged from binge drinking .. it is clear that fat or thin exercise brings benefits.
  10. Yes you are the best on here but be wary of Ed sneaking up behind you and also watch Billy as he is upping his game.
  11. I have had the flu jab twice .. the after effects each time were much worse for me than having the flu. I am fully vaccinated with the AZ jab .. the after effect both time have been unpleasant, especially after the second jab with the bruise just fading three weeks after the second jab along with pain in the elbow of the same arm that I had the jab on and I also have more pain than usual in my knees. Several calls (in line with NHS advice) to my GP have resulted in in me being fobbed off by the GP reception and as to calling 111 several times I have hung up each time after failing to get through after 15 minutes. I am not healthy but unlike most people of my age I do walk at least three miles a day on average, generally things like colds and the flu have little effect on me. In reality we will not know the true picture re Covid19 for several years. One factor not mentioned is that with cafes etc having been closed people might well have been eating more healthy food and that might have improved their overall health and reduced the risk of infection. Regarding "vulnerable" people there is also the issue that the NHS tends to treat all people with "vulnerable" conditions in the same way without actually looking at the patient's lifestyle .. for instance an overweight diabetic might who exercises regularly is likely to be less at risk than an overweight diabetic couch potato. But the GP practice will tend to treat both types of patient in exactly the same way. Has to the extra deaths in care home, in general the people in those homes are on their way out anyway.
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