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  1. Was that back in his tradesman days?
  2. Apple was magic .. did he final marry that woman?
  3. The odds are that if you did work in a factory and live in a council house you would still be better off than Johnny Saucepan.
  4. And exactly why would I want to have slag Philpots childrems names tattooed on my arms?
  5. She did also have the names of her dead children tattooed on her arms. That will be something nice for her boyfriend to read.
  6. 1 year 4 months per child .. Billy has got big fat stubby fingers and pressed the number 2 key instead of the number 1 key.
  7. Sorry just look at billys equation again .. its hexadecimal I think.
  8. I agree but to a halfwit like Billy its close enough actually adds up to 18 years.
  9. Based on the original 17 year & six months sentence.
  10. Low value children .. she probably save the benefits system £millions.
  11. My guess is that the halfwit who is hoping to marry her and has enough money to send each week is probably in full employment but still a virgin although he will have to do a runner with her when they set up home together. The worry is that at 39 years old and with her birth record she could easily have another eight kids before menopause kicks in.
  12. From what I have read she already has got a boyfriend waiting for who sends her money every week, and she say's that we wants to have lots of children with him .. I expect that there will be a nice big council house waiting for them to move in and live happily ever after. Mick himself is on a 16 year minimum life sentence so he has got another eight years minimum left to serve in the slammer. I would assume that the other fuckwit who helped them out with the fire will be due for release soon.
  13. It wasn't even the complete Framk Bough who died .. his liver died in 2001 and he had a liver transplant.
  14. Its a metaphorical layby. There are many such laybys.
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