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  1. โ€˜Pervasive racismโ€™ blamed for failure to commemorate black and Asian troops https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56840131
  2. Apparently in early days AA patrolmen would wave if there was a speed trap ahead but a patrolman was prosecuted so they got around that by using the no signal as the warning of a speed trap .. I think that there were still a couple of tries at prosecuting patrolmen for using the no salute or wave as a warning of a speed trap
  3. That was more early 1900s until the 1920s by the 1930s there was co-operation between the AA and RAC. The RAC was a members. The AA was more active and also provided road signs and the original road classification system. Basically if you were posh you would join the RAC .. common oiks would join the AA as my dear father did in 1919. By the end of 1930s both RAC and AA members could call for assistance from the booths of either organisation.
  4. Over the years I have owned five British Leyland Minis .. I found that a lot of the time fellow mini owners gave a cheery wave to each other and stuck to fingers up to other motorists.
  5. I don't actually think that it was manslaughter more something that was fated to happen .. misadventure .. perhaps Chauvine should have faced an assault charge. There so many factors re the state of Floyd's health. He was popping opiates (probably codeine) like there was no tomorrow. Apparently opiate addiction via codeine is a big problem in America. https://www.recovery.org.uk/codeine-addiction/
  6. Yet another one Police in Columbus have just shot a teanaged black girl .. she was just a kid trying to stab someone.
  7. That was never Frank's Trueform or even his Stylo.
  8. The ex-police officer filmed with his knee on George Floyd's neck, sparking global protests against racism, has been convicted on all charges - second- and third-degree murder as well as manslaughter.
  9. Its been the same since the late 1960s .. it stopped being a proper family game back then when the footie hooligans took over.
  10. They would 1) not known about it. 2) actually taken part in the liquidation. 3) turned a blind eye to it.4) not cared about it because they were not involved. My Nazis lived happy and contented lives after world war 2 and in many cases assimilated themselves into the democratic countries in which they lived in most cases without looking over their shoulders until well into a ripe old age when people began to take an interest into who they were and their history. I knew one former SS Officer who had settled in the UK after the war quite well and his full history only came out several years afte
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