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  1. You might actually have managed to make a good nom this time around. But you won't gain any respect. Something that I do notice is how many of these "well travelled" cunts have never actually seen much of their own country. Even when they travel within the UK they use some form of transport where they see nothing. So a cunt from London who regularly travels to Manchester or Edinburgh knows nothing about what lies in between because they were flying at 500 mph at 35,000 feet.
  2. They are perfectly safe as long as you don't breakdown.
  3. Benny had been part of the fab five at one point but went ballistic.
  4. Not sure on that .. he had I think posted some details about Rothers surgical appliances shop I think.
  5. That would be around the time of the the Roops v The Colonel wars.
  6. Judge got very ratty when I called Westward Ho! a dump .. Drew Peacock also wound him up with something about a restaurant.
  7. The latest potential tragedy is that Lee Rigby's murderer has got Covid.
  8. Harriet .. there is no point in you worrying your pretty little head about it or indeed anything that is posted on here. Nothing posted on here will change the world.
  9. I do enjoy some of his ranting .. its like watching someone drown whilst having the perfect excuse not to do anything to try to save him or feel any guilt for not doing so.
  10. TBH London and the area 25 miles around it is a different country and no longer really a part of the UK.
  11. until 1967 Birkenhead had its own police force (around 350 officers), it was then absorbed by Cheshire Constabulary and then in 1974 transferred to the new Merseyside force the later not really the most sensible thing to do as because parts of The Wirral remain in Cheshire you have two police forces. In practical terms it would have better to have left all of the Wirral under the control of Cheshire Constabulary. The present situation is likely to have a negative effect on policing in The Wirral.
  12. That is because the police are no longer local . fewer cop shops. Police further away from likely locations of crimes, more time spent in travelling to scene of crimes.
  13. This tells an interesting story .. much lower police numbers in the lates 1970s early 1980s but back then they seemed to be everywhere .. they were certainly on the street and stopping cunts day and night.
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