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  1. When the media observes Barton using fancy words, they do it with the same amazement as Simon Cowell did when he watched Pudsey the dog dancing to the Mission Impossible theme tune on Britain's Got Talent: "He's supposed to be snarling and dangerous, but look – he's acting like a person!"
  2. More like Norwegian Death Metalists looking for a bigger PR hit
  3. BBC too busy pushing their 'control of the Internet' agenda (and by extension, re-enforcing their grip on the cartel of news providers). Expect Amol Rajan to pop up pushing the tragic (which it was) death of Molly Russell and her 'accessing self-harm information on Facebook and Instagram' knee-jerk, hot-button, for the umpteenth time shortly. There's 'The News' - and there's 'What gets reported' and these are not the same thing .....
  4. So Chelsea got beaten like a ginger stepchild. Good because those troupe of performing quarterwits deserve fuck all since they've been awarded two goals against us that weren't in - the worst decisions involving a line since Adrian Mutu's big night out
  5. She's the useles 'dead-hand-in-chief' leading this shambles though, spitting on our aspirations as well as our intelligence. You're not wrong though
  6. I agree - Revoke Article 50 now. These limp gestures towards departure all neatly strip out any advantage of leaving the bloc — whose favours our political class prize so highly they're willing to demolish our political infrastructure and forfeit thier own integrity to stay attached to it. I'd rather embrace my cynicism in a stroke than keep losing my optimism by debilitating degrees. Revoke Article 50 now .......and then face the political consequences
  7. Certainly not with our political class
  8. Tusk on Brexit extension: 'Please do not waste this time' Fuck off, cunt! Who made you Headmaster? We're going to sit about, smoking a rollie with our right hand, scratching our bollocks with our left whils you bimble about, telling everyone how it's going to be Why? 'Cos we can and we want to.
  9. Not what all the cunts in here actually get about on - Raleigh Grifter bikes with lolly sticks in the spokes to make them sound like Lambrettas
  10. Christ and the CC strapline is 'Football is for Irons!' Why not form a big old fisting daisy chain, Jeremy Clarkson at the back, in the car park at Clackett Lane Services, whilst reading aloud the racy bits from Auto Trader? You bunch of absolute wristers!
  11. Yeah Call it 'Livia - with chronic impetigo'
  12. Yeah I know! Like I said - it's going to be the mother of all democratic exercises voting for folks to represent the voice of the British people at The European Parliament. Under proportional representation too, so your vote actually counts. Laffin etc....
  13. Yup that's the fellah! It's going to be great!
  14. Unless she's got 'BREXIT' tattooed across her phisog, this won't flicker across Panzys synapses
  15. Spike Lee is going to make a movie about this. I'm up for the role of '1st pot of Taramasalata to the left of the Easter (sorry, 'Springterval') Egg display' P.S Can you still buy Black Magic chocolates or has David Lammy intimated this sterotypes Black people as all Voodoo-lovin' 'Baron Samedi from Live And Let Die' types?
  16. As long as we get to vote in the European Elections at the end of May (the month, not the PM), I'll be as happy as a pig in Chardonnay
  17. I think she's toast now to be fair. The Maybot's had an empathy chip fitted but it's not undergone any beta-testing, hence why she's gone to the silicon asylum and is making friends with the Magic Grandpa now
  18. You think? I'd say it was more down to this 'no hard border (never actually defined of course) on the island of Ireland' shibboleth that we've all somehow cleaved to without really knowing why this is - other than as a response to vague threats from your fellow countrymen
  19. Yes I'm glad you mentioned 'Membership'. Glad that irish Nationalism is now a thing of the past, subsumed into the 'membership' of the EU - well, apart from when it comes to potentially erecting a few cameras between Dundalk and Derry and then there's hell to pay
  20. Yes I can see how the geographically romote netherworld of France would appeal to your (former) nation, given how proximity is such a key issue for you, in choosing which nation to be subservient to now
  21. I think the Balfour Declaration of 1926 (which stated that all Commonwealth nations are free and equal) saw to that Most members are republics and yet all are entirely happy having the Queen as the honorary (and non-hereditary) ‘head’. Many, like Ireland, have historic grievances against the British Empire, yet they still play a very enthusiastic role in Commonwealth affairs. If the Irish want to hitch their cart to a a political body thet doesn't share their language or common history (I'm thinking of thousands of its gallant sons already lie in beautifully maintained Commonwealth war graves around the world) then that's down to them
  22. 'Top of Le Matin A Vous' (as you're going to have to learn pretty shortly) So do you want us to stay (with all our lovely money for the next time Ireland - inasmuch as there is still an 'Ireland' - needs a bailout) or leave?
  23. Man United (in Man City)
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