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    Owen Jones

    Apparently this kicking took place around 03.30hrs However he was up with the lark, not a scratch on his face, doing media interviews from 06.30 the next morning Hmmm....!
  2. I mean for fuck's sake Buttler, it's annoying enough you've got a stupid, second, supurfluous 't' in your surname but you were cock in the World Cup (bar the final) and you're cock AND balls now!!! Give up man.....just give up!
  3. Well that's Dec's mellow well and truly harshed
  4. Sliding tackle, studs-up, late and with no chance of winning the ball, I try once more to get this nom back on track by noting football is far from fucked. Celtic got beaten by a the Romanian deaf newt-keepers paraplegic Under 11's girls team last night ....and the world reckons the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the funniest thing that happens in Scotland every August!
  5. Annnnnnnyway, back to the nom Isn't VAR supposed to sort out all officiating? The powers that be will never rest until every last illogical hate-filled rant, caused by perceived bias and / or incompetence by officials is eradicated via the medium of soulles, beige technology deployed on a massive scale across our football stadia. There is too much money caught up in football for it to be anything otherwise, no matter the decisions are still wrong (sinc ehtey still rely on human interpretation) or rely on Rizla thin dividing lines (see offside decisions) lending a spurious 'accuracy' to decisions. Arsehole fucking cunt technology bummed by gone-native wankers like Lineker and Shearer and fuck the fans
  6. What's got more front, Caroline Lucas or the constituency she represents? I'm sick of politicians of whatever political stripe, pushing their own identity politics at the expense of the people they're supposed to represent. P.S A 'government of national unity' will merely be a 'government of Parliamentary unity' and as we know, this Parliament and its constituent politicians are not fit for purpose.
  7. News coming from reuters is he choked on his own penis.
  8. The BBC no longer recognises, understands or likes the nation it serves.
  9. We haven't heard from Panzerknacker for a few days have we? By a process of elimination (literally!) they're probably marching up his drive now for a meeting between Mr Bullet and Dr Frontal-Lobes on the pretext of something or other.
  10. I think the answer is 'someone who believes in general freedom of expression - even if that is freedom to make a family-sized twat of yourself - and that the State should wind its fucking overeaching neck in'. I find the name 'Gary Lineker' offensive for buggery-fuck's sake!
  11. I thought 'Google Camp' was an exhortation to Punkers (to further his voyage of self-discovery), rather than a 'thing'
  12. .....and the interest on that Payday Loan for those jailhouse tattoos of 'lirul Chardonnay and Mmm Denone' is fucking crippling too!
  13. Jiggerycock

    Gun Massacres

    Some 'Talking Head' on BBC called it (Newsflash! Upgrade it to 'them') a 'shocking' tragedy. They're many things but 'shocking' is not really the adjective of choice, given they're now as regular as an England batting collapse 'and marginally more painful
  14. Got a pretty two opening the batting before Broad pegged her LBW
  15. Well, as with everything Brexit-related, none of us has a fucking scooby what the future holds (Remainers are great crystal ball gazers right up to the point where you ask them for the winner of The Stewards Cup on Saturday, at which point they clam up like Mother Theresa's vertical smile). That being said, yer man Johnson seems intent on putting a big 'October 31st' shaped noose around his neck, to the point where if we are not out by then, he's going to look (even more like) like twelve kinds of arse. My guess is that no-deal might all happen by mistake, the only upside being that we can all laugh at Leo Varadkar when he realises his Brit-bashing, fellation of the EU has, to fuck up a ropey metaphor, turned round and bitten him on the backside good and proper as he tries to get a deep water container port built in a day at Craggy Island, Dover now being effectively closed to the billions of Euro's worth of Irish trade that currently flows through it. Hell for shits n' giggles, we might even call in the debt they owe us for the bailout we gave them a few years back, to give us a warm glow over the nuclear winter that's apparently going to come down on our pointy little heads when no deal is made flesh.
  16. The penny slowly drops as one protected group's hard coded within their sacred text position, is mutually exclusive to the other protected group. Popcorn time!
  17. Welsh? I thought he was Australian - big loud and empty
  18. Is this the latest BBC Weekend Evening Telly lez-fest dramas? I bloody hope so 'cept none of this coy 'hidden under the bedsheeets' frotterings of Gentleman jack or Killing Eve. It's got to be full-on, close up, gusset-typing, clitorises flapping like a sea-bell, otherwise I'm not watching.
  19. Jiggerycock


    Arms. Being supplied. Bombing me. Bombing Jew! Sweet Palestine (bomb, bomb, bomb) Gaza missiles (mainly Scud)! Sweet Palestine! (bomb, bomb, bomb) Netenyahu and Likud!
  20. And of course, the Golf has cluttered up the 'Idiot's Lantern' too, these last few days.
  21. It's certainly a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing
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