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  1. Irony will eat itself. Perhaps i should go outside and clap.
  2. Let’s go on the lash.
  3. I’m going for G ..... Excellent at eliciting reactions from others in chat room silent movie foodfights.
  4. Couvades syndrome....phantom Male pregnancy.
  5. A ...sweaty .... charismatic man.
  6. Appropo my support of international women’s day.... and to continue this theme of Byzantine EU policy. I note that the abolition of tax of women’s sanitary products. This, apparently was a tax requirement of the EU. The money raised (about £62 Mill per year) was donated to charity. Why? What was the point of that?
  7. I once knew a Malayan elvis impersonator. He was 5ft 2.... what a useless cunt.
  8. cuntspotter

    Tyson Fury

    Dear old Eric? ....no. He’s far too nice to involve himself in that sort of malarkey.
  9. cuntspotter

    Tyson Fury

    I see that there is much shouting from the rainbow brigade about this chaps pronouncements on people’s sexual antics..... hardly surprising really...he isn’t Jean Paul Sartre, he duffs people up for a living.
  10. Good point.... I’m a bit queezy about boiling dogs alive.
  11. I like their Chicken with onions....with pancake rolls.
  12. I wonder what the all inclusive package is like?
  13. cuntspotter

    Rap music

    Yo...dawg! How fucking hard can it be? I’m hip to this groove, daddio!!!!
  14. Yes...if I was “on the boat” , I’d be barricading the fucking door against all comers. I note that someone else is being blamed here, not the pair who have gone on holiday and waltzed into a shit storm. I bet they feel pretty bloody stupid at the moment. Let’s hope they don’t use the boat as a big Petrie dish and let loose a few more of these virus type things....for experimental purposes!!
  15. cuntspotter


    I remember this.....
  16. We are where we are because of the laziness of the political classes of all hues in this country. Unwilling to grasp the nettle of difficulties associated with an inadequate infra structure to address the needs of any community, let alone diverse and varied immigrant communities, their indolence allowed resentments to fester and take root. Blair, Cameron, Merckel..... utter fuckwits. I still don’t believe that Westminster truly understands why we are where we are.
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