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End the year on a low is what I say. HMRC: 'Her Majesty's Right Cunts' and what a bunch of cunts they are too. So there my wife and I are, merrily receiving Child Benefit because all parents with children received it. Now the cunts want to take it way from us. Don't get me wrong, that isn't my beef. What IS my issue, is that the fuckers write to ME asking ME to complete the online form confirming that I no longer wish to receive it. Again, no problem...no fucking problem that is until I got to the statement declaration part that asks me to confirm that I AM the original claimant. Well, you stupid fucking cunts, you know full well I wasn't the original claimant, the old bread-knife was and I suggest you check your fucking records in future rather than waste my cunting time. Why Jack Wank would you write to me when you need the actual claimant to respond to you? Holy cunt-fuck, no wonder this country is on its fucking arse. At the time the Government announced this, the opposition stated that it was going to cost squillions of the finest British pounds to administer and they are not fucking wrong. Do the tax payers of Great Britain a huge fucking favour and start addressing letters to the people you really want answers from. In the meantime, Happy cunting New Year you complete HMRC bastards.

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