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Patricia Ward


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Nasty gold digger. Married Gene Kelly 6 years before he died. Allegedly didn't know who he was when they met (she was a writer on a show he was asked to host). You may think it's creepy an old man marrying a woman so much younger but what 77 yo wouldn't marry a 31 yo given half a chance? She started to alienate everyone close to him, firing the woman who'd been his secretary for 50 years. When he was dying after multiple strokes she couldn't bear to even cuddle him. His children weren't allowed to see him immediately before or just after he died. She didn't even have a funeral service for a Hollywood legend. Just had him quietly cremated without his family being there. She's been living off his name since as well as getting whatever money he left her. She's still working on a book about their life together which so far has taken longer to write than the amount of time she knew him. Insists she knew him better than his family friends, etc & pops up occasionally like on the anniversary of his birth to tell some of his "secrets" & remind everyone she's still working on that book that no one even wants to fuckin' read!

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