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The Ginger One


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According to The Ministry of Truth aka The Sun , Mail , Express it's official. From this day forth it's Harry -Treacherous Bastard - Windsor on the release of his Call of Duty Helmand Edition best score total. Even the pontificating MOD and Whitehall Ruperts and Jaspers  have got in on the act.
It seems he and conveniently by association the wifey, are from now on responsible for any future  attacks by the Fun Loving Medieval Murdering  Shitshower of Terry T's.  
Whatever happened to 'Gotcha!' .. 'Our Boys Done Good!' .. 'Up Yours Ahmed!' etc ?
How the world changes with just a click of Murdochs' shit stained fingers

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Well to be fair there's a world of difference between fabricating a story about our boys pissing on captured Iraqis and The Ginger One openly stating he was toppling ragheads like chess pieces.

I hope our diversity policy extends to employing Afghan security officers when him and Whinge visit later in the year.

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1 hour ago, Cunty BigBollox said:

Fucking tosser probably shot off 1000's for a ridiculous kill ratio of 0.0001%.

Stupid ginger cunt’s about as deadly as ‘Covid 19’ then it seems. Ape will be triple masked and back hiding under the bed if he finds out about this. 

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