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Is Hamas = ISIS? I don't think so.


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Even Michael Clark (military mouth for hire, in or out) of Sky News says they aren't the same. So it must be true. Because everything he:s said about Ukraine so far has been true? Like the referencing back to the big H I find this putting Hamas under the banner of ISIS a bit of a stretch. All wars seem to have a territorial basis so you have to ask about that basis (everything the Israelis DON'T want to discuss) rather than indulge in emotional outbursts.ย 

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10 minutes ago, Wolfie said:

Give it a rest Harold, please.

Every time I visit the site, all I see is your perpetual drivel which looks as though it's been written by an eastern European student wanting to do a GCSE in current affairs. Idiot.

Youโ€™re dead right Wolfie the voice of reason and hairy hands. I'll retreat into my she'll now and just watch rather than drivel. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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