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  1. There was no test, the GUM clinic was closed. I imagine a simpler explanation... he was a slippery little bastard from the off and got dropped on his noggin.
  2. And with the plastic straws they give him for his milk at playtime, he’d have little difficulty mastering that one.
  3. If the concept of a cull is too much for you, Harold, I suggest asking your learning support assistant to move you back onto the labrador vocabulary list, perhaps mastering concepts like stand, sit, stay. You might even get a ‘Whose a good boy then?’ as reward for all your efforts.
  4. If regicide is the game, I’ll happily crown you.
  5. For the last time, Wolfie, that strange bloke who moved in with you isn’t me!
  6. I beg your pardon? Where else are we supposed to live? @King Billyget a load of this!
  7. A is the additional needs class.
  8. (King) Frank’s taken to posting videos of himself ‘singing’ on various nefarious websites. Perhaps he could end with a razor trick and have a shaving accident as his encore?
  9. (King) Frank’s looking for something to amuse himself, KB.
  10. Plato was more into caves and shadows, he’d have no use for a magnifying glass.
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