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  1. Do you really think a pair of squat-dwelling vagabonds can afford sufficient bandwidth for this, GG? I bet it takes them half a day to load up the CC page just to write their nonsense; I imagine they have to limit themselves to good old fashioned voyeurism and pimping each other out for thrills / supplementary income ...
  2. Why did the pony have to gargle? Because it was a little hoarse! (Or some predictable Punkape comment...) Your Arg funny-plant contest needs a new judge. Which idiot pronounced that joke the winner?
  3. That sounds like a joke from one of Wizard's Christmas Crackers. Have you been on the sherry, GG?
  4. Add that to the fact that in the current situation, musicians (and other performers) are not getting much, if any help at the moment, and for whatever stupid reason, it's considered ok for people to be rammed together in pubs, aeroplanes, and shortly schools, but not theatres...
  5. I have just entered some parallel universe where not only does your post make sense, but I find myself agreeing! I need a lie down...
  6. Mr Ben and I are not friends, Major. It all stems from last year's hunting season. I wanted to organise a wolf-hunt because they're easy to catch, being such stupid creatures (they take the bait every time and fall into traps that a blindman could navigate. They also put up a good fight when in their pack but start crying when cornered). Mr Ben, however, insisted on wasting the season away by dressing up and playing shops, and for some unfathomable reason, the silly arse roped me into it. Suffice to say no wolves were harmed that year.
  7. I'd love nothing more, Stubbs, but I promised @Major Cunt I'd pack it in for a little while until I'd posted some non-Castle based stuff. Have to honour a promise, wot!
  8. I remember Bob Ross GG, I used to think that was real art. Then I grew up!
  9. C'mon Wolfie, don't be such a crybaby. This ain't nursery school...
  10. Come now, Wolfie. Nobody is who they pretend to be on this site! Am I really a king? Is GG really an aspidistra from Arg? Is Punkape really a golfing cottager from Tower Hamlets? Are you really a precious petal who needs to rally your friends around you to sort out a playground tiff because you don't like the way Roops gives out likes?
  11. Ok Major, just for you, I will! Might take me a little while mind you...
  12. She must be good if she can distract the FBI from their enquiries about Master York's dubious past! What's her secret?
  13. Well thank you for the admiration Wolfie - to quote Punkape, I'll take it where I can get it. I am also indebted to you for explaining the situation although I must confess, being an amateur and all, that I do struggle to understand why anybody would take a blind bit of notice about so-called character assisination on a site like this. By it's very nature, one is likely to come across more than one's fair share of people who "talk a good fight", wouldn't you agree? I'd also like to clarify that my earlier comment vis-a-vis Madame Roops was merely a reflection on my own thoughts and i
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