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  1. Top of the podium in the Olympic diving arse first on to a 10" cock competion?
  2. Your lot love a Chopper, RK.
  3. Didn't your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? It's what happens when you use string beans as eyes. I'm guessing you were not a fan of licking Funny Feet?
  4. I thought it was Robbie Savage.
  5. Even Eric would shave that.
  6. I find it fairly easy to zone out during gaps between the action when the no tails are getting paid their several grand a minute. Their opinions dunt provide value for money when there are far better alternatives with a Y chromosome. The only one I will listen to is Isa Guha on the cricket, but only because, 1, she's subcontinent Asian and cricket is therefore genetically ingrained, and 2, I've never heard heard make complete twat of herself.
  7. There's a word for such people. What is it? Ummmmmmm, oh, that's it, wanker.
  8. Funny how you never meet a woman that's good at both though, despite their much vaunted multitasking skills. I don't overly mind them being involved on merit, it's the tokenism bordering on completely taking over that boils my piss. There's leveling up and then there's the BBC...
  9. Lumbricus frankosii. Spoken, from the heart, like the disgusting worm you are.
  10. I'm not sure a jock has grounds to criticise goalkeeping skills, given the reputations of your own home grown ball handlers. Where it deserves to be? Hmmmm. In the park on a Sunday afternoon with no one watching? After they've cooked the Sunday roast of course.
  11. The BBC's Olympic highlights program consists of Claire Balding interviewing Katherine Grainger and Alex Scott interviewing Chris Hoy. Who the is the odd one out? That's right, it's Chris Hoy, the only heterosexual amongst the four.
  12. It's a full moon tomorrow.
  13. Would you bet your house on that?
  14. Try this then: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-46418045 "The adult social care and services scrutiny panel considered other options including LGBTQ+ and LGBTQQIP2SAA". LGBTQQIP2SAA FFS.
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