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  1. You left off one or two zeros, surely? You'd definitely need to tie your feet to something very secure before plunging into that pink, slimy circle of hell.
  2. Harsh. Not even Harvey is that fucking desperate.
  3. Didn't he turn 18 several months ago? Have I missed him being nominated?
  4. Ratty to the main board, Ratty to the main board.
  5. I feel like I've gotten off to a bad start with the idiot Greek second time around. Perhaps I should extend a laurel branch? I could invite him over for drinky poos and when he gets here I could ask him to hold the toilet roll for me whilst I shit in his loafers before stabbing him through the eye with the laurel branch.
  6. Frank, how many times do you need telling? Are you really so dim? No cares one jot about your opinions, least of all me. Fuck off, cock dribble.
  7. I can't really remember his radio stuff, only his TV shows. Funny bloke. Can't imagine anyone on any BBC medium taking the piss out of someone fucking a goat these days though.
  8. I didn't mind them. Certainly a cut above the rest of the shite on Radio 1 at that time and since.
  9. Mark and Lard did a mildly amusing Cheesily Cheerful Chart Challenge about this, but that was well over a decade ago. The dirty, goat fucking pervert was a chef.
  10. Genius. Maybe I was wrong, maybe you should put a tin foil hat on to keep out those rays that have rotted your brain. I hope it's not too late.
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