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  1. Eight out of ten Down's sufferers with severe learning difficulties think he's a stupid fucking cunt.
  2. You mean this bit? Consider it Exposure Therapy. No need to thank me.
  3. You must have shat yourself the first time you watched Pulp Fiction.
  4. Goober


    I think too many 'tips' up there might be half the problem. I've got a great remedy to solve your rectal pain. Shove a fucking big knife into the side of your head.
  5. A name like his certainly lends itself to being cyberstalked. I'd definitely check out Jazz's profile for a laugh, if only I could remember the twat's surname.
  6. Let's see what this does for you... I take it you're not mainlining horse then?
  7. He also said "No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Goering. You may call me Meyer." Hermann Meyer's pronouncements weren't particularly inciteful.
  8. They must read the same websites as KB. If we started a conspiracy theory that all food was being tampered with by the government to some unspecified nefarious end perhaps all the idiots would starve to death and the average IQ of the population would significantly increase.
  9. I've had multiple people blurt out, when they discover that I take four, or sometimes more, insulin injections a day, 'I could never inject myself'. I typically reply, you'd die then. They usually think twice about the absurdity of their statement after that. There's little that people won't do when it's a matter of survival. As such, fuckers that complain endlessly about needles are simply being crybaby cunts, as Pen suggested earlier.
  10. I was going to start carping on about the 4 injections a day that I self administer, but I figured no one would give a fuck. I suppose I could regale people with the tale of having just under 100ml of fluid removed from under a knee cap with a needle the size of a knight's lance. It's a boring as fuck, but better than hearing about an eye injection for the 25th time.
  11. Really, I never knew that. Tell us all about it, again. Punkape has several meat infections a day, but you don't hear him banging on about it.
  12. Shipment number: 48876453628790 Your DHL Parcel driver will be with you on 15th January at 19:58. We hope you enjoy you new dreadful, mouthy, fucking prick.
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