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  1. You really do need to chill the fuck out or fuck off. Preferably the latter.
  2. Young, dumb, no longer full of cum.
  3. Fuck. I should read to the bottom of the thread before posting.
  4. They should put it around his neck. It'll either stop him eating or suffocate him. Either way, job done.
  5. Never heard of her, OCR. Maybe Gemma Collins has impregnated her.
  6. Done. I could scrape that without bribing the adjudicator.
  7. Fucking hell. You do know what high bar that is? 140 is borderline MENSA territory. Holding a conversation with oneself is a red flag.
  8. Not entirely unreasonable to be fair. Could apply equally to being on a jury, being an MP, having children etc. The list is almost endless. However, the argument for those that fund the system get to decide who run it seems a justifiable and straightforward equation to me.
  9. It's irrelevant. If the cap fits, MC. I've ample time for Decs' humour and ability being a fellow swamplander and Norwich fan, but there are limits. It's why my likes awarded to likes recieved ratio is about 1:3.
  10. An interesting proposition, but then it's the upper middle class versus the lowlife scum. It's no contest in terms of numbers so not a position I could support as my outrageous @Decimus council tax funding bill would treble. Can see suggest 1 vote per 10K of earned, not provided, gross income up to 150K a year? That way those who pay the bills elect the government.
  11. I fear we will have to fall back on the tactic of Corporal Jones. If we make our motto 'they don't like it up' em' no country with aggressive tendencies would dare to invade.
  12. Dear Deidre(Eric), I'm watching Nena's 99 Luftballoons on TV and I'm having worrying stirrings. Should I be worried that I might be developing an unnatural attraction to hairy armpits?
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