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  1. @Wolfie Let’s get a few things straight. I was not defending China in any respect and particularly not with regard to their human rights abuses nor their animal welfare standards, or rather their complete lack of them. Neither was I defending their ludicrous attempt to spin this of late, including suggesting that it originated elsewhere. As SC said, that’s just politics ex post facto. It has no bearing on what happened at the outset and it’s crystal clear that it originated in China. I never suggested otherwise. Much of what you’ve just thrown out in response simply reflects your own bias
  2. I know, I've been there, I've seen it for myself. I happen to think Russia's belligerence instigated by its belligerent leader to appeal to people domestically is a serious international threat. He's not someone to use kid gloves with.
  3. Please desist from derailing the current derailment.
  4. It's a book about Trump, not a book for Trump, silly.
  5. Drew was a properly funny fucker. Benny was before my time. Whenever I hear mention of him it's in the context of him being a complete fucking mentalist. Rothers on the other hand I know how to get in touch with him. I should try and tempt him back. Strictly Cum Farting XVIII would be interesting.
  6. After a bit of a search, I've realised that nom was posted within a few days of me joining the old site. Can't remember it though, probably because I was only dipping in and out then. Scrub that. That date in August was when the new format site came online after the old one was carpet bombed. I must have joined around 2012 though. You probably know better than me.
  7. Whatever happened to Drew? He was approaching Rev levels in terms of humour.
  8. I don't think the site was ever uncensored. It was rather red in tooth and claw though. I doubt there's many here that would remember precise details now, since there's probably only a dozen or so members, including mods, that predate me still kicking around, (that I'm aware of). I have wondered if it was true or just a CC myth, regardless, it's funny. I'm sure Pen will remember.
  9. I hope she doesn't miss and accidently hit a fox instead. That's be a tragedy for us. The fox too I guess.
  10. If truth be told I suspect they were just random mailshots and that it had nothing to do with anyone here. He was just having a hissy fit, pissing himself and playing the victim, as usual. Frank was the object of his ire though, iirc. He would have benefited from some free Tena Men samples in the post. I don't remember restaurantgate. It may have been before my time.
  11. He had a shit fit and did a flounce when he thought someone from the site was sending junk mail to him including, most famously, a fat boy clothes catalogue (Jacamo, allegedly). He dropped out of sight for the best part of a year after that.
  12. That's fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It's unbalanced, improbable opinions stated with absolute conviction as fact that boil my piss. It's very rare for me to ever consider anything as set in stone fact.
  13. I reckon she could make an absolute killing on one of those.
  14. I'm definitely no fan of the way China operates on the global stage. I'm just not entirely comfortable with conflating their international aggression with, what evidences suggests at this time, the random appearance of a virus that's caused a pandemic.
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