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  1. Proper, whilst I think you've gone a bit tin foil hat (can you change your Admin avatar) (cytotoxic my arse), there are definitely things about this shit show that don't add up. This week I have seen reports that the vast majority of hospitalisations are the young and unvaccinated, but then today Sage issue advice that the best way limit the impact this winter is to issue a new work at home order, which, by definition, would only apply to people that are not 'young'. Illogical nonsense. I've seen today that 1 in 55 in England are currently infected. This is by no means close to the peak infection rate. Let's assume that most throw off this infection in a week and that 1 in 55 is an average. That means in just over a year everyone in the country that has survived would have acquired immunity. Infection rates are still increasing though despite the pandemic in this county being at the 18+ month mark. Whilst I do agree with your assessment of the severity of the disease, particularly for those without comorbidity, I don't subscribe to your cytotoxic vaccine bollocks. That said, the maths being presented to the public at large isn't quite adding up. I wouldn't belittle how nasty this virus can be, but there is definitely another agenda here that is seeking to make mileage out of the situation.
  2. OAP sexual fantasies.. Ffs, there are limits. Do you think he'd insist on bareback butt fucking to avoid the use of a non biodegradable prophylactic?
  3. In hindsight, the hounding of that mad as a bag of badgers, hammer weilding cunt seems very wrong given the, erm, 'characters' that went before and after.
  4. I think Bobby did make a wise decision. Not only did it save his life, he dodged having an anus like the Dartford tunnel.
  5. You're just too nice RK. Perhaps you northerners are not all coal-dusted, filthy benefit scoungers after all. If you're ever down in the Eastern flatlands I'll buy you a pint.
  6. Anyone worthy of owning a dog would never beat it. In my experience, as a dog owner all of my life, and as someone that has trained many gundogs, it's obvious to me that dogs want to please their 'master'. If they misbehave it's simply because they don't understand what's required of them. Therefore, when there is misbehaviour the owner should be beating themselves and then training their dog to their circumstances. A well trained dog that knows the boundaries is a happy dog. Happy dog, happy owner. It's not fucking rocket science.
  7. Every time I turn on the mind control box these days it seems to be either that hideous faggot Rylan whatever his name is or the Only Gay Weatherman in the Village Owain 'Arsepain' Wyn Evans gurning back at me. There's no need to worry about climate change, human kind will be extinct in a few generations as a result of rampant homosexuality. I fucking despair.
  8. You're only gay if you're the one doing the tugging. I hope for the newts' sakes he has well moisturised, soft hands.
  9. I've had my booster too. It turned me into a newt. I got better.
  10. It's quite a feat to break one's own neck. From an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense that they are fairly robust. I do know of someone that eliminated themselves from the gene pool by falling temple first on to the corner of a coffee table whilst several sheets to the wind. I wouldn't wish it on another Norfolk resident, but it's a different matter when it comes to wankers with a scouse accent, errrrm, la.
  11. Bill's gone a little OTT lately.
  12. If there was a brand of drain cleaner called 'spunk' he'd have downed a gallon of it an eternity ago.
  13. I can imagine that having to trawl through the sick shit on pederast's computers day in day out does desensitise one somewhat and could cause them to go to extremes for their kicks, but I think the bigger problem is that only a total cunt would actually want to become a rozzer these days. Recruit scum and it goes downhill from there.
  14. More double ended rubber than Teflon.
  15. Sounds like a threat to mercilessly bum fuck him. Par for your course, Francis. Watch out @scotty, he wants you.
  16. They don't need to surf for it. Plenty of 'exotic' (read illegal) material to watch on hardware they've confiscated.
  17. Goober

    Brown Sugar

    I thought it was to keep the mind control ray out of your head, Bill? Either way, its going to be better than a Yorkshire pud.
  18. I can't see this latest occurrence encouraging anyone with an ounce of decency wanting to become a politician. No change there then.
  19. Goober

    Brown Sugar

    You mean buys or eats, Shirley? I mean, what would you 'use' a Yorkshire pudding for? A really crap hat that gets soggy when it rains?
  20. You can't roll them into one. The celebration, if that's the right word, of Aids day would usually come a year or two after coming out, or more pertinently, shoving it in.
  21. All that tainted blood flying around is going to necessitate a very detailed risk assessment.
  22. Then you remembered you're friendless, bullshiting, alcoholic, jobless, scouse wanker.
  23. I've been feeding my Labradors with early season partridge, marrow bones and jumbones. I'm expecting slightly off white. Do you think it might be a rare collectible?
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