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  1. you have taught me to look on the mischling in a different way Deco and we can't all fight in the frontline old friend
  2. Trevor's alright when you get to know him Authoritah. When he relaxes and says "Call me Trey", it all makes sense
  3. I wonder who is Harvey Price's dad? My guess is Jabba The Hut's African uncle, Jabba The Mud Hut
  4. ratcum


    you archaic slapper
  5. ratcum


    Well done Larry that's another of you fucks gone fuckin Wuhans 😑
  6. Count me in Goob. Can't stand the fuckers
  7. black on black killing on the TV. An uncomfortable synergy for some. fuckin chinese 😑
  8. I don't know when Poet Laureate is up for grabs next Stub, but you make Ted Hughes look like a wife beater.
  9. Outstanding comment Dylsexic. You've managed to distil exactly what the vast majority of people feel deep down. When I met Rat junior's geography teacher (a hottie rather than a tranny), I was the only father in the room expressing how I felt about her tight little fish slice.
  10. Don't tell Boris; he'll just claim Britain's stuck it to Johnnie Euro again.
  11. They're like fuckin badgers WD. Try to decently persecute them and the shifty fuckers go underground.
  12. a jewish trannie gets you a lot of points in Holocaust Scrabble CB
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