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  1. I like to think of sprouts as cabbage babies Authoritah. So Christmas Day I'm sitting down to a green infanticide holocaust. Rat
  2. I wonder if the surviving members of Pink Floyd are a bit nervous since their namesake got it in the neck?
  3. I do remember someone getting vexed when I suggested you shouldn't bury a small child until a few others have died. Obvious savings on coffin/funeral costs and the little fuckers have some company too.
  4. presumably you use a trowel to scoop out the blood clots? You monstrous tart
  5. Clive Maori isn't even from Australia. Fuckin con that is.
  6. Spunt Cotter is a fifth columnist. Collaborator. Quisling. Turncoat. Yellow Vichy dog.
  7. I haven't heard of that one CB. These fuckin log flumers are always coming up with new categories for the latest perversions amongst their ranks. Hanging's too good for them and some would get the horn from it anyway. James Bend the new 007 eh?
  8. ratcum


    sound advice What I can't abide is the BBC giving her airtime to bleat about things. I hope she meets a crazed donkey that was abused as a donkette.
  9. ratcum


    So now we're meant to feel sorry for Jess Davies, a pointless Welsh trollop. Well let me tell you something love, you posed topless for a boyfriend to photograph you, then got upset when the piccies went around school faster than a Rabbi chasing a thrupenny bit. Being a thick tart, you went on to a career as a 'glamour model' aka a masturbation fantasy figure for men and teenage boys. Now apparently you're a bit phased when another boyfriend (you do pick 'em) photographs you naked and distributes evidence of his conquest. Oh and scam blackmailers who film losers wanking online use your boobs a
  10. Good Old Rev; like the holocaust only much bigger
  11. You've never visited Rhyl have you CB?
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