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  1. Margaret Thatcher's party trick was to suffocate young boys with her slack labia. Only after Greville Janner had abused them of course. Both true and checkable on ratpedia.ss
  2. it's better than "DISABLED SAUSAGE PARKING" which essentially what yours is
  3. ratcum


    I can have you krilled
  4. ratcum


    it was brilliant
  5. ratcum


    so do I but I have a firearms certificate
  6. ratcum


    Is it the rule rather than the exception these days that "Escape To The Country" features toffee jousters and chowder slurpers? Blue Peter has some Sideshow Bob wannabe called Radzi Chinyanganya (here's a name I made earlier) and the entire Eggheads panel are earwigs. Not really Britain any more is it? Rat
  7. that @Eric Cuntman and his repugnant vassals are always looking for recruits
  8. ratcum


    "Carry On Up The Cattle Truck" wasn't the genre I was looking, for but I can see a toy franchise here. Thanks Bill.
  9. ratcum


    I'm going with this WD, except Hitler lives to rape God live on TV and Auschwitz becomes a global franchise
  10. ratcum


    this is a lovely MC. My people are talking to Jackie Chan but it could still work
  11. ratcum


    I'm working on a new film idea with a working title of "SCHINDLER'S FIST" Ideas?
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