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  1. I remember when you used to be like a kindly old maiden aunt on here Pen. Now you're like batshit with teeth.
  2. Wise words Deco. For me, it's how many millions appeared to have survived, and everyone of them a victim of Mengele. Plenty of videos on youtube of people claiming he sewed seagull wings onto them or some such in Auschwitz, long after he'd been transferred.
  3. The potato famine, Great Britain's homegrown holocaust, remains a heart warming story to tell around the campfire Deco. Not because of the cruel indifference of English landowners, or the intransigence of the parliament, but simply because it killed a shit load Catholics.
  4. the further East you go, the more the old cravings appear to be returning Scotty. Jews in Eastern Europe are already starting to get jumpy and endlessly bleating about the holocaust isn't going to help them. ☠️
  5. I've always admired you Goob
  6. my gas shares have gone through the roof Scotto
  7. ratcum


    ours is a broad church my lupine follower
  8. in the 80s I would have eaten her plop
  9. I assume the band only did it if they could triple team her afterwards
  10. no, it freezes your will to live instead. Your dog should be raped by Kenneth Kaunda
  11. Glad you spotted these vermin Stub. They're obviously all parthenogenetic offspring of the original horse-faced cunt, Sarah Jessica Parker. She herself is the product of israeli research in the 1960s, meant to combat the declining birth rate amongst jews compared to Palestinians.
  12. you're as busy as a Hiroshima fireman Authoritah
  13. you owned your own black spouse DC? That's a bit too progressive for folk on here you know
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