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  1. all this BLM shite has hit the sales of wetsuits Authoritah.
  2. I too have spurned this carnival of injury fakery and single figure IQs Stub. Participants and their pie gorging proselytes should be destroyed, like the unwanted dogs they are.
  3. that avatar Deco.. talk about stereotypes!
  4. it's a violation of all that we hold holy CB
  5. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    things used to be so simple Jewdy. Nowadays it's isn't always clear who the enemy is. I will however, always enjoy the cordial loathing we have for one another.
  6. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    at the syphilis clinic?
  7. An israeli and an American walk into a bar. The israeli shoots the Palestinian barman. As he lies dying, the barman says to the Israeli, "you'll pay for that". Smiling and turning to the American, the israeli says, "No I won't, but he will"
  8. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    Come on then you old git, where have you been?
  9. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    and the rival footie fans
  10. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    As Moby Dick once said to Captain Ahab: "Fuck you spazmo!"
  11. ratcum

    Prince Harry

    7 posts in a row Stub? Calm the fuck down
  12. milkshake sales will no doubt spiral upwards Stub
  13. I like to think of sprouts as cabbage babies Authoritah. So Christmas Day I'm sitting down to a green infanticide holocaust. Rat
  14. I wonder if the surviving members of Pink Floyd are a bit nervous since their namesake got it in the neck?
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