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  1. ...a rare moment where we are in agreement!
  2. I found it amusing as well. Not sure what Ding's note is about apart from drawing attention to himself...
  3. You're not a battle-scarred freedom fighter. There is no "deal", and you're not being targeted. There are some issues that we monitor, as yet you don't even score a mention in the Admin message board. The irony of course is that Rick has been instrumental in ensuring there is a forum for you to post your paranoia.
  4. No, it was a about more than that hence my addressing a broad range of issues though it was no surprise your responded with a myopic viewpoint.
  5. Eric, whilst its your right to disagree with the content of my last but one post, I would ask that you don't misjudge the underlying mood.
  6. Put your toys back in the pram for now Eric...
  7. He has provided one, the problem Snatch, is that you never accept any explanation about anything from the Admins/Mods and respond with an answer that deflects to another criticism. The site's primary function is to name and shame the cunts of the world, slagging each other off is an incidental by-product. As a punter, Mod or Admin Rick has rarely, if ever, involved himself in insulting other account holders choosing instead to provide an alternative yet measured opinion to the echo chamber of racist, homophobic, xenophobic and misogynistic thought that often prevails here. As a Mod/Admin he provides an essential brake on extreme views that if left unchecked, would send The Corner to cyber oblivion, not withstanding the onerous legal costs that could befall site's owners. The fact that The Corner has not gone the way of many of its competitors is due in part to his resoluteness against the torrent of constant abuse by small-minded idiots with large self-serving egos luxuriating in not having to look at the bigger picture and who wail like banshees when their precious words are not digitally immortalised. With that in mind, it appears that some punters have been involved in contrived Mod/Admin baiting and are now surprised that there have been consequences. I will also add that yesterday I witnessed some guys having permanent hard-ons over this, so its probably best they reflect and move on...
  8. I'll put this down to a poor choice of phrasing. Next time you won't be given the benefit of doubt.
  9. This is a device which is oft used in the forlorn hope that it somehow shames/encourages an Admin/Mod to leave a punter's pearl of wisdom alone. The truth is it doesn't make an iota of difference when making editorial decisions. On the contrary, such a statement could be counter productive because it invites closer inspection of a post amongst many especially when time constraints usually lead to speed reading a batch of unread articles...
  10. You would have to read through some 5.5k of posts to determine that, the fact that you would do so via a mobile 'phone would suggest that you are extraordinarily sad, or failing that you are a sock puppet or most likely, one of the banned lifers. With that in mind I have no hesitation in "neutralising" the account, as they would say in Belgium.
  11. Day of Rage turned out to be a damp squib with only 250, 300 tops attending, as such the event was given way too much air-time.
  12. The majority of mainstream Muslims regard the Wahhabist form of Islam as practised in Saudi Arabia as not the true Islam. Wahhabism in its current form was founded in the eighteenth century and became the defacto religion in the area as a result of a pact between Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Muhammad bin Saud. As a method of control the Wahhabist ideology suits the current House of Saud as it legitimises the country's religious dictatorship.
  13. No
  14. This is old news. Actually, it was a No 10 Policy Unit who in 2013 proposed the idea of reducing the age of consent. At the time this was dismissed by Tatchell who opined that if any correction to existing legislation had to be made, then the age of consent should remain unchanged but consensual sex between teenagers of the same age range should be decriminalised.