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  1. Sunday Trading Laws

    No irony was employed, attempted or otherwise.
  2. Sunday Trading Laws

    I don't.
  3. Sunday Trading Laws

    ...as opposed to an adolescent rebel without a clue kicking off because he can't handle an alternative viewpoint.
  4. Coffee Shops

    Against the pretence of sophistication that the Costas' et al would like to convey, Maccy's do make a fine coffee for the "on the go" traveller.
  5. Malala Yousafzai

    It may have something to do with achieving the necessary A level grades - just a thought.
  6. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    What you on about? Agas are fuel-inefficient, unwieldy and impractical. They also cost a bomb to run and service. In last house we bought, I had the useless piece of iron removed when the kitchen was gutted and refurbished.
  7. Should Mohammed Farah Be Deported?

    Eh? We all know your bollocks is the stuff you post. AFAIK your actual testes are floating in a pickle jar sitting in the CC staff room trophy cabinet.
  8. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    @Eddie & @Decimus, last Sunday morning I asked that a certain line of attack should cease forthwith. Either through sheer stupidity or through an inability to control an oversized ego you both chose to carry on regardless. Please avail yourselves to Frank who was also incarcerated a few days ago for revisiting a previous war.
  9. Deleted posts

    "horse-faced" is a derogatory term wherever the term is written or said, but as I said before it was not removed.
  10. Should Mohammed Farah Be Deported?

    Obviously we were aware of the risks. We took a punt 'cos 1/ We are reasonable people and, 2/ the site's owners and the Admin/mod team are prepared to give punters a chance to make amends. The problem is that on their own, released cooler inmates would probably behave but they do feed off each other.
  11. Deleted posts

    Not true, my son has "won" arguments with me and bloody infuriating it is to.
  12. Should Mohammed Farah Be Deported?

    I think its time this angle of attack was dropped... One mo' thing; since the 11th July I've noticed The Corner has become more bad-tempered and the mean average daily post count has dropped. On return to the fold, parolee's generally behaved and contributed with some decent posts for the first few weeks. Unfortunately we underestimated the planet-sized egos at play which has resulted in the re-emergence of past behavioural traits. Your move gentlemen.
  13. What's with the repeated "rattled" thing? This is now so over-used that the phrase has lost its effectiveness. Aside from being unoriginal it's beginning to look that the person who cries "rattled" is more likely to be the rattled one.
  14. Deleted posts

    Far be it for me to pull the plug whilst you bathe in a tub of self-vindication but all the negative comments directed at Konta made no colour or racial distinction or inference which cannot be said of the racist comments directed against the Williams sisters.
  15. Deleted posts

    Comments about Konta alluding to being "horse-faced", were offensive but they remained. One post about the Williams sisters and written by you used a clich├ęd racist analogy and was removed.