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  1. Waaay too much space, besides, the cooler is empty. By chance we had an intake of needy repeat offenders who wouldn't respond to our Behavioural Insights Education Program so for their benefit and comfort were chained, weighted and tossed into the sea.
  2. What is this, Cliché Central?
  3. Yeah, the problem with that is we can all read, so no, you haven't. Instead of pulling meaningless insults out of the air, dazzle us all with reasoned argument and advocacy in future.
  4. Hmm, clearly you were red in face and emotionaly raw when you wrote this and subsequent posts... I think we will be going 'round in circles if all you can do is spew out recycled clichéd insults. Not sure where "consistent haste" comes into this either. Stay warm pet.
  5. Some interesting points there... The Type 45 debacle is yet another sorry example where MoD procurement is not fit for purpose. Under the contract between the Government and BAE Systems, RN engineers and technicians were forbidden to go anywhere near the "under the bonnet" until acceptance of contract, i.e. after the ships were delivered. FTR the ships electrical systems cut out when full demand (eg during military engagement) was required of the propulsion unit and defence-offense systems. To compound the problem we have an amazing situation where due to ITAR regulations (International Trade in Arms Restrictions) BAE cannot train naval personnel or effect repairs themselves to specific American components without incurring hefty fines by the USA. ITAR was insisted on by the USA when BAE bought major components from Westinghouse (propulsion units) and Northrop Grumman (software). The MoD nodded the clauses through.
  6. Diddums. I call it standing my ground during debate. What are you, man or mouse? As you nibble on some cheese, reflect that next time you're out of your depth, don't hide behind intellectually lazy comments, whining about not liking being challenged or having to be right. Now if you don't mind, I'll return to work and endeavour to be brilliant.
  7. Yeah Quincy did that and it didn't end well for him.
  8. That's the third time you have recently dragged my husband into this alluding him as a hen-pecked man reconciled to domestic drudgery. You need to be careful, otherwise punters may draw their own inferences that you are a pussy-whipped by a dominating partner and fearful of standing up to him/her instead projects your own frustrations onto others.
  9. ...and I am happy to carry it, the fact you seem to have trouble with that is of little concern to me.
  10. ...indeed I am, though if you have paid attention, my "font of knowledge" is confined to certain fields, some connected to my work (I'm pretty good at my job) the rest on account of a working knowledge in current affairs understood by many professional and semi-professionals, so if you're amazed then that rather speaks poorly of you. As for fanny flashing, yep some like it, others don't though I'm surprised how quickly a minority of punters, quick to express laddish commentary suddenly morph into Mr Moral Majority, so I'll flash the bathroom bits whilst you flaunt knock-off jewellery, deal?
  11. Most punters here seem smarter than you so I'm nothing special.
  12. ...which doesn't answer the question. BTW, next time you're up that way I would expect to see an IP address to match the location you say you're at.
  13. Hmm, you ceased having a libido many years ago, that's why your scrote is withered.
  14. Everything is funded by commerce whether directly or indirectly. Of course society can do away with currencies, resort back to subsistence farming and bartering...
  15. I'm all for reducing foreign aid to a certain extent. One has to look at why Britain with other countries fund foreign aid; the first reason is a moral obligation - a sense of duty if you will. I accept that and have no difficulty with the concept. The second reason is aid buys international prestige and influence - that may have been true in the past but with the nature of global trade and fast communications I believe that has a lesser relevance in today's world.