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  1. Good Game , Good Game

    I'll get my chin.
  2. Good Game , Good Game

    I'm just glad he never made any films. I wish Clint Eastwood would die.
  3. Malala Yousafzai

    I love that on my toast.
  4. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    I'll change my Facebook picture to one of a beardy goat-shagger strung up on a dreamcatcher. That'll probably help.
  5. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    I don't think that old people who can't afford to pay the electricity bill will have much input into the war on terror.
  6. Moroccan cunts

    You do it, then. And we'll see what happens.
  7. Moroccan cunts

    Ummm.... no, not what I meant at all, as you're probably well aware. I think you're trying to lure me into writing some kind of missive that might get me coolered, something along the lines of 'Yes, they're both gay', but obviously that would be an untruth. Whilst they may have similar outlooks on life i.e. no real grasp of fucking reality and a strikingly naive left-wing stance, I don't think Rick is the 'man' that Stephen Fry bums. Stop trying to get me moderated, you fucking pikey.
  8. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    To be fair, people probably only refer to you as 'love' because they feel sorry for you, much as they would for a disabled child or a Hawking-esque mong. Are you wheelchair-bound? Or perhaps you just dribble a lot, love?
  9. Come on then, you sandal-wearing faux-hippie Aga-owning cunts. Let's fight it out, man to man, in a pub car park of your choice. We'll see who's got the best kitchen appliances.
  10. Moroccan cunts

    At least the hydrophobia might make them think twice about crossing the Med in an inflatable boat.
  11. Moroccan cunts

    Isn't that where Rick lives?
  12. Moroccan cunts

    Rightly so, Ratters. I'd be feeling rather sick, too, if people were fucking my sponsored Darkie*. *Darkie being the name of the aforementioned donkey
  13. Moroccan cunts

    It'll be appearing in that advert now: 'Poor Darkie has to carry bags of rice up the mountain for twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Her hooves are untrimmed, the sores on her back are left untreated, and she never gets fresh food or water. And on Sunday evenings, she gets fucked by the whole village until her poor donkeycunt is raw and bleeding. For only two pounds a month, you too can fuck this donkey'.
  14. The Office for National Statistics

    That's my fault for following instructions - when it says 'Oops, something went wrong, try again' I stupidly tried again. That'll teach me not to listen to the voice of authority.
  15. The Office for National Statistics

    The Office for National Statistics has declared that unemployment has hit it's lowest level since 1975. Yay! That's fucking great - except it's obviously a load of made-up bollocks. Nobody actually knows how many people are in the fucking country, for a start. Depending which paper you read, there have been somewhere between 5 and 5 million dusky-hued illegals from the heathen regions of the globe, plus all of Poland, most of Romania, and that Bulgarian-looking cunt who's always hanging about at the end of our road all moving in under cover of darkness. So if no fucker knows how many people there are to start with, how in blimey fuck can they decree that 95.6% of them have jobs? I bet they all wear glasses and have those pocket-protector pen things in their shirt pockets, and I'd estimate at least 6% of them have ginger hair. Cunts.