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Karen Danczuk

Guest Couldn't give a shit

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Guest Couldn't give a shit

This rough old slapper is the wife of MP Simon Danczuk and likes to post "selfies" of her cleavage on twitter because she thinks she's gorgeous. She also fancies herself as a politician and for a short while as a media personality until she got torn to shreds by a couple of fuckwits on loose women and Janet Street-Porter of all people. In the wake of the bad publicity she was getting she suddenly accused her brother of sexually abusing her when they were children resulting in his arrest and her father accusing her of publicly issuing false statements in his name which appear to support her allegations. Now it has come to light that while her "honourable" member of husband has been away she has been getting plenty of her personal trainer's member in the marital bed. 

Not that I feel sorry for Mr Danczuk in any way because he is the fucking hypocrite who has made a name for himself ranting about Cyril Smith's passion for popping little boys arses while saying precisely fuck all about hundreds white girls being gang raped by Pakistanis in his constituency in fear of upsetting the Muslim community. In fact I hope Mrs Danczuk has given him syphilis and he goes slowly insane. My issue is with this minger's laughable attempt to present herself as a sex symbol then jumps on the child abuse bandwagon when she gets the piss taken out of her while not giving two shits about the effect her sluttish behaviour could be having on her two children. I fucking despise the woman and I hope she gets kidnapped by ISIS then sold in one of their slave markets to a shit encrusted goat herder from Mosul.

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Guest Couldn't give a shit

Pictures, or it didn't happen.


PS I see she is/was a "Cllr", which I presume is some kind of urban slang for cocksucker?


She is a typical Rochdale slag. Couple of vodkas and I bet she would let you smash her back doors in the gents toilet.

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