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Ralph Steadman


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Ok, I'm a fan of his artwork. I like his writing style,  and his unique insight into the life of Hunter S. Thompson is valuable beyond mere words. But I've just started reading The Joke's Over, and in the first 30 pages the cunt has crowbarred at least 9 references to his Welshness. I get it, he's a taff, so fucking what? Why does he keep repeating it, does he draw in a welsh accent or something? Cunt. 

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Since England got turned over in the Rugby last week, there are whole swathes of the middle classes trying to claim some kind of Celtic lineage. It'll be even worse when the Convicts do a number on them this Saturday and everyone heads down to Earls Cross to sink a few 'tinnies' with their Antipodean kith and kin.

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