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3 hours ago, Williewhoopassjohnson said:

If i had bigger tits i reckon I'd do alright at eurovision you know, i can definitely belt out a tune. I might apply, the world hasn't suffered quite enough yet 

I thought that "guy" from Israel was just paving the way for your Divine hommage. 

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On 20/02/2021 at 19:57, Eric Cuntman said:

I'd like him to meet The Inquisitor. 

We'd all like the tit erased from existence, but of course tortured horribly first. ("I have the power to snap your body in two like a dry reed")

However, who's to say his sperm-in-law won't be an even bigger cunt?

Opinions Can Be Wrong: Red Dwarf V Episode 2: "The Inquisitor"

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On 19/02/2021 at 17:46, ChildeHarold said:

At the end of a walkabout or any point along the way the choice of sex mate is between Bush Tucker Pete or Ray Mears. 

So which one did you fuck?

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