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  1. “all over this like cum on a queers copy of the Bros 1987 annual” Qualitah @Cunty BigBollox answer the question. Are you a screaming poof? Why are you obsessed with gay pride marches? Do you really live in a bungalow?
  2. Reported Dangling? Like your cock and balls as you lurch off the bog of a morning after launching the first of many dreadnoughts. Like all blokes of course lol fuck off
  3. Do the nation a favor Drew- smash a dozen cans, half a bottle of lidl vodka and rock up there with a 12 bore, selection of kitchen knives and some home made explosives
  4. No, that’s later. I have a wife who likes hard cock, whereas you’ve got fuck all- apart from this place you sad cunt Go to bed and never wake up
  5. That’s actually quite funny Look on the bright side; at least you’ve no kids
  6. As opposed to you- plugging men’s holes and shooting your load over botters lol fuck off Colin Hunt
  7. @Arnoldyou silly cunt, this is game that’ll never get old
  8. Even if did get fucked up the arse it would be more action than your scabby old fanny has seen for decades Childless, lonely freak of fucking nature.
  9. I’d like to drive around a roundabout for a couple of hours- with you dragging behind being flensed by the tarmac Fucking idiot
  10. Soppy cunt. Boas and pythons don’t hibernate. The tropical conditions in which they live don’t demand it. Perhaps a period of torpor- just like pens cock has been up to since it raped the arse off an Italian POW in ‘44
  11. Highly unlikely. Your average white pointer would spit out the scrawny, curry smelling cunts, let alone get within a mile of them, especially when there was a much better offer of raw sewage just up the coast. If they were feed through an industrial woodchipper however…
  12. Stubby Pecker

    Will Young

    More like Behind the bar at the filthiest whore house in town after tender love making with a barely legal native. After you’d slapped her senseless, hog tied and sodomised the poor cunt mind.
  13. Stubby Pecker

    Will Young

    Un fucking likely The only way punkers would let a split arse near his AIDS vector of an angry inch would be if they had a false beard
  14. Well fuck my old bowling boots, it’s only Drewsday I’d wager Branson won’t be serving Special Brew or Kestrel Super on his flights you drunken idiot
  15. Just like you scrote, everything I say here is the truth
  16. Man the fuck up? I’d wager the good doc goes purely to “fuck a man up (the wrong ‘un)”. Most likely a drunken Abo
  17. With any luck you won’t wake up and the neighbors will find your cat chewed corpse in a fortnight
  18. Indeed. Today I’ve spent at least an hour on the trampoline with the little’uns, rigged up a water slide thing for them, cooked a family bbq, and in the couple to hours when they went out shopping, fixed the shed door and windows and fittted a keypad lock to the front gate Meanwhile, ‘lady’ pen has been living the brilliant online life at cunts corner. Time well spent
  19. Shit, piss and spunk stained y fronts at that
  20. I’ve reported you frank, but not to admin, you dirty stick legged idiot
  21. Don’t you think you should tone it down a bit? Every big gun has called you out numerous times of late for being a sad, lonely, disgustingly ugly old hag who obviously has nothing in your pathetic life except this shit hole.
  22. Nothing missed however Garlic slurping, geriatric, Hun appeasing wanker
  23. I’d like to ‘block’ you- by smashing a breeze block over your stupid fucking head You vile cross dressing freak of nature
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