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  1. Lol “choice of wanking material the “hey duggee box set”
  2. Answer the questions you sick cunt. Your claims that you enjoy the idea of inflicting pain on animals is worrisome. Animal abusers are in the same league as paedos for most people and the vast majority would happily have both groups put up against a wall and shot
  3. Diner and happy ending more fucking like- I know where he lives
  4. You don’t want anything to do with the kind of nuggets Scatman Dave is into panzybaby
  5. He's a fucking idiot who enjoys the abuse then. Professional victim, confirming his tribes stereotype.
  6. Indeed. I suggested this several times on these hallowed pages, but do the cunt politicians listen to what we say. Do they fuck. Another brilliant idea would be to micro chip every peace loving goat wallah who's medieval beliefs are slightly to the right of Genghis Khan. When the satellite tracking shows erratic behaviour said micro chip can be programmed to release a lethal dose of cyanide into the blood stream thus stopping the child murdering sub humans in their tracks. Failing that, the Syria option seems the best. Fuck off
  7. fUcK oFF you,, Drunk-en WANker'er
  8. Seek help you sick cunt. Stick to having Gareth suck you off daily
  9. It’s not looking good for you here DC. Many here have tried to offer help and well earned advice. You’re on your own.
  10. “Gentle enquiries” you say? I’m not sure you’re being very truthful here. Ive not heard of of many Jews who aren’t sinister
  11. You’re the bender who posts in enlarged bright pink text. Gaylord
  12. @judgetwiis this true- you have a paddling pool? Isn’t this dangerous with your mobility scooter? I bet you fill it with tons of salt so you can float your fat fucking gut like it’s the Dead Sea
  13. Lol When does the silly cunts probation end? 2025? Before or after the nation becomes carbon neutral? I’d like to refresh my memory as the reasons why special measures where put in place @Mrs Roopsa quick summary?
  14. Fucking hurry up knob head. If you go option 4, I can let you know several beasts here that need outing There is of course option 5- kill yourself
  15. I genuinely, genuinely haven’t a fucking clue what any of this gibberish is supposed to mean Drewsday again and your balls have swollen after a bumper trip to the co op for their finest spirits. You won’t be reading this for a day or two until you wake up- soiled again
  16. I take no responsibility for Billy’s insane, tin foil ranting. The bloke is clearly a massive cunt- like you. Fuck off both
  17. I’m absolutely certain yer average northern savage who’s pathetic life revolves around the fortunes of Newcastle soccer wankers, couldn’t give a flying fuck where the billions come from. If their club of serial failures was bank rolled by the Taliban, Columbian drug gangs, Kim Jong-un, Pol Pot and the devil himself, they’d still rock up at the ground, pissed, believing they were going to sign Messi the next day. Stupid fucking cunts. Most don’t have a clue about Saudi Arabia let alone what happens away from their 3rd world arctic slum
  18. Piss off you moaning hook nosed cunt I’m sure roops has an easy job proof reading your daily missives as they’re basically the same
  19. Anything tasty from the deep freeze tonight Frank?
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