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  1. Albert Einstein said insanity is repeating what you`ve been doing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Nothing changed, nothing changes. I wonder what our forefathers make of us.
  2. Pot, kettle, cunt.
  3. Roger Moore. A poor man`s Timothy Dalton. Wasn`t scared to give the wife a clip either.
  4. It probably had a tattoo on it`s leg/legs. Seems like it can be raining cats and dogs or blowing a fucking gale and those weak minded, self affirming ballbags need to display their perceived badges of courage , or skin doodles, regardless of the weather or common fucking sense. Facial tatts is another give away of a chap who is not a good decision maker and probably won`t amount to much. This pillock could be Pat Condell`s bro.......Peace!!
  5. Fuck me my tits are bigger than that and the only medication i`m on is Aunt Bessies and Guinness.
  6. I happened to be passing Punky`s house the other day when my attention was drawn to back of his Dacia car.The boot lid was up and what i can only describe as a hairy pink beanbag was hanging out over the tailgate with a red walnut whip perched on top. A few more steps and the sight of his "man friend" running out of the house with a jug of iced water confirmed the unsavoury truth.....
  7. I`ve watched Tommy Robinson on the Rebel Media YouTube channel challenging these cunts on the way into court in Bristol i think and Cambridge. There are a few more trials he plans to highlight too. Strangely no BBC, ITV or C4 there which is odd as the BBC cunts were over Cliff Richard`s house like flies on shit. It`s documented on YouTube so hardly a figment of someone`s imagination or anecdotal evidence. Maybe all those kids only imagined it.
  8. You sly old fucker.....
  9. Pen, are you going to take that lying down ?
  10. yet you say that like it`s a bad thing...
  11. Does Fanta bring you out in If so, yes, yes it is.
  12. `eavens have you tried Agent Orange ?