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  1. A pity the dumpy little puss ball didn`t explode showering his adoring fans in a splash of AIDS laden beal and synthetic hair, they truly deserve it. The cankerous dwarf gagging and suffering with arse cramps seems poetically apt athough that said i doubt if he`s a stranger to it. A horrible cunt that should be taken to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and his clinic on the top floor of Raqqa`s tallest building for an assessment. Weeeeeeeeeee
  2. Not wanting to seem pedantic but this misuse of the word "smart" really has to fucking stop. Smart is well dressed, clever is the word your looking for.
  3. Angela was in fair trim back in the day....
  4. Weirdo.
  5. Wholesome?
  6. His name was Tracy.
  7. He shrieked and stated he was a Doctor and " patients need me !!" The animals on the most endangered species list love it when Dr. No gets a thick lip. Oriental cunt.
  8. Jocks can do whatever the fuck they like just leave the Tunnock`s factory you cunt.
  9. I`m pretty sure we`re all being played here by vested interests and fed a version of events propagated by the media. No proof and knee jerk bombing of a Syrian airfield. Seems ISIS have air support after all.
  10. Well at least now he`ll not only be associated with that large hooter. He has added another string to his bow. He likes smell of faeces ...down that massive fuck off hooter he`s got.
  11. Really Olly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Of all the people to pick on.What were you thinking? Baffling.
  12. The Brexit all feels slightly phoney to me. One would assume with the clock already ticking and the opportunities realised the go getters would be champing at the bit. However, there doesn`t seem to be any urgency at all to build new ships or plan major nationwide investment for the near future that would help us to become less dependent on the European fuckers for food, goods etc. and i reckon that`s the signals the government should be sending to Junkers and co. The banning of Playstation and X Boxes to be replaced by compulsory after school activities like rifle shooting and bayonet practice on garlic stuffed, paella laden dummies wearing lederhosen seems odds on to get Angela`s panties in a bunch and would send the message we`re not fucking about. Two years will be gone in the blink of an eye and as a Nation we should be aiming for a head start on these cunts that were never our friends, or allies, by any stretch. Evenhandedly Yours, HG.
  13. Plumb bob ?