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  1. Dent puller is what you want.
  2. Lovely woman Claudia, just don`t give her any matches....
  3. Drug fuelled gay orgy broken up by Italian Police in the Vatican says all you need to know really. Convicted child molesters all over the globe, priceless riches and treasures languishing in their vaults, remember Bill Gates has only been around since 1975, these cunts have been hoarding from the year dot !! And to top it all El Papa is supposed to be infallible. Hypocrisy beyond belief. Perhaps Paisley wasn`t so far off the mark though he did tend to bellow Antichrist a lot.
  4. Have a heart Ming, someone who will remain nameless (F) has been putting it about that he had Billy Boy all ends up during their latest spell in the clink. Apparently he (F) even had young Billy combing Just For Men into his greying arse crack hair and cutting tribal designs into his butt cheeks with a NO NO. Awooga indeed....
  5. I`ll see you in the field Eddie...
  6. What kind of sick ideology drives these people. I remember her on Tiswas with the suspenders and that but fucking ISIS ? My God. In fairness though, if she jihads Tarrant i`m willing to let bygones be bygones.....
  7. Family friend Elton has commissioned him to do a few portraits of the family John. A maritime theme apparently with young Beckham spending most of the shoot wedged in a barrel. In keeping with the theme of his book Reg told him to bring an old Nokia 3310 for the snaps and , bizarrely, a funnel ??
  8. Sorrier still..
  9. So what gave him away? Was he white?
  10. Controller : " For Christ`s sake people do something, everyone is watching the oppo !!" Cameraman " Don`t worry Boss , i`ve a man bag full of kiddies shoes and pacifiers...." Controller: " Sweet. Remember, only the crying hysterical punters , play our cards right and it`s a fucking BAFTA "
  11. My favourite " take away " Glastonbury memory every year is when they take the Greenpeace signs down, the Save the Earth banners and ofcoarse the wind turbine. They really love the planet...
  12. Fear not `eavens, PM Corbyn will have her bedecked in rainbow flags and Greenpeace banners. She`ll be the pride of the NGO fleet. Three cheers for Jezza!
  13. I`ve a theory but it could be shite though. I think a certain section of society needs to feel special. This special section probably amounts to less than two or three percent of the population. I think they see a suspension of reality daily on television and in media ( glossy mags, video games ) and then want to transfer that over into their own lives. On a personal level this is fine though the problem starts when you expect me to play along. When people won`t play along words like discrimination, equality and diversity get legislature changed and now it`s illegal for me, us, not to play along to whatever fucking fantasy some arsehole has dreamed up this week. Please don`t reference facts or figures against my theory, my life experience tells me in the last 15 -20 years as a society we`ve gone soft . As an example, Kensington residents and concerned people from that community demonstrated and rallied to Downing St. over Grenfell Tower yet the friends and families of the children blew to pieces in Manchester didn`t organise a march, tearing down those iron gates demanding action or at least the Government do something. Ergo, fuck all has been done.