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  1. If Jeri was up for it, I'd leave her minge looking like a paste bucket for you but I'm not sure about the knackers part.
  2. Is gobbler's gulch on Hampstead Heath a bit quiet tonight. Fuck off dickhead. You're impressing nobody with your hard man routine.
  3. They're the same cunts who put signs in their shop windows stating "so" then launch into a monologue about their "mission statement" and "commitment to diversity" then assure everyone that their "diverse team" is "committed to combating climate change" and the "empowerment of women" in our "racist patriarchy". "DEATH TO DONALD TRUMP".
  4. Are you the Frank who's dying of AIDS?
  5. I know 1991 onwards from when VW took over things immediately began to improve. I was just taking the piss out of shitpiles that were built when it was behind the Iron Curtain. When I was first started working I had misfortune of doing some repairs on a Skoda Rapid that had somehow escaped to the West. It sounded like a fucking tractor, the electrics looked like they had been fitted by Ray Charles and the gearbox looked like it had been lifted from a T-34 tank. A complete and utter pile of dog shit.
  6. Heralding the creation of the shittiest car in history. Those Soviets were proper bastards.
  7. Don't forget the golden sphincter in the top right hand corner.
  8. Hitler's main problem was that he didn't leave Erich von Mansten to get on with it. The BEF would have been destroyed at Dunkirk if Hitler hadn't ordered a halt. He fucked up Operation Barbarossa by telling Von Manstein to divert 6th Army to Stalingrad. It was all downhill from there.
  9. I would have been happy to get to the gas chambers after such an appalling experience.
  10. Just look at the Tizard mission which gave the yanks our technology in exchange for military aid. It also included gyroscopic gunsights, advanced theories on the atomic bomb that were 15 years ahead of the US, self sealing fuel tanks and plastic explosives. If we hadn't run out of money, we could have won the war without them.
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