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  1. I shagged a French bird back in my teenage years. She was a squirter and I had to throw the mattress away after because I couldn't get rid of the smell of putrefaction. I think her minge had gone off.
  2. Posh birds are quite often utterly debauched so I bet she takes it up the arse on a regular basis then licks his chopper clean afterward.
  3. FIFA and UEFA have to show a pair of bollocks now and crush this cynical power grab in its cradle. League suspensions, transfer bans and withdrawal of clearance to run a football club from these greedy cunts should do the trick. If they don't act, the next step will be them tinkering with the rules to increase advertising revenue with games being increased to 120 minutes in the "super league" and divided up into quarters, something that the Home nations have repeatedly used their veto on IFAB to prevent in the past when the yank cunts have floated it at FIFA congress meetings. Players and
  4. Probably that he is a cretinous simpleton.
  5. What the fuck are you on about? Have you been overdosing on gay scat porn again?
  6. He was boring from day one.
  7. What you're saying is complete bollocks! Fuck off and throw yourself in front of a train, you disgusting animal.
  8. This Quentin Crisp wannabe perfectly illustrates why the current Labour party freak show will never be elected to power. I'm glad I don't live in his parish because the thought of this fucking weirdo representing me makes me feel physically ill even if he does have viral video on tiktok. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/19238503.hereford-labour-councillor-candidates-tiktok-video-goes-viral/
  9. Did I strike a nerve Hawold?
  10. More like fucking gibberish, the window licking spacker.
  11. I get out more if that's what you mean. Including to your street. You have been observed loitering in public parks and behaving in a disturbing manner around vulnerable people. I have reported this matter to the police given your history of posting your twisted and perverted fantasies on here.
  12. The evil of Catholicism possessed their souls like it did with the priests who nonced and tortured thousands of kids in Ireland. All Catholics should be put on the sex offenders register as a precaution and carefully monitored. After all, prevention is better than cure.
  13. Fred West was a Catholic, so was Joseph Fritzl and Charles II of Spain. There is a clear pattern of inbreeding in Catholic families.
  14. Not at all. Like I said, the race has been made too easy. The fear factor for the jockeys is missing. Women didn't cope with the old fences because they got emotional and bottled it at the big boys jumps. I mean come on, a woman didn't even manage to finish the race until the 1990s.
  15. It's only because the fences are a piece of piss these days. Back in Red Rum's day she would have shit her knickers at the chair. The Grand national is meant to be the supreme test of jumping ability and endurance for the horse one of nerve for the jockey. Now birds and poofs are winning it, the race has become like women's football. A pale imitation of the real thing.
  16. That's rich coming from you. I heard you needed the Rod Stewart stomach pump after an evening of overindulgence with some AIDS ridden refugees on Hampstead Heath.
  17. I'd love to see him out on the campaign trail knocking on doors pleading for votes and some nutty feminist answers who starts screaming "PERVERT! RAPIST! NONCE!" at him in full glare of the TV cameras.
  18. Did your spice dealer set his dog on you when you were late paying him?
  19. Pierrepoint was absolutely horrified at the botched executions carried out by the Americans on the class A defendants at Nuremberg. Their hangman was a complete charlatan who lied about having experience as a civilian executioner to get a promotion. Joachim von Ribbentrop took 20 minutes to die of strangulation because the rope was too short and if you look at the postmortem pictures of some of the others, you can see blood all over their faces due to the fact that the trap door was too small and they smashed their heads on the way down. Pierrepoint was indeed a master of his trade.
  20. He isn't straight, he's tortured by his filthy perversions. The only thing this cunt needs is a couple of minutes with Albert Pierrepoint and a fucking rope!
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