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  1. Cock n Cunt butchery

    Served with fava beans and a nice Chianti...... lol.
  2. Arming teachers

    The nuns would have needed to have been well armed to to deal with feral, gypsy scum such as yourself....
  3. Cock n Cunt butchery

    If you had been given the choice you could have circumcised yourself at an appropriate age and made some meaty calamari with the redundant flesh.... lol.
  4. Our Future Our Choice

    The Irish will eventually leave the EU anyway....
  5. Arming teachers

    Both victims of the recent Camden stabbing and a hacking to death with samurai swords appear to have been involved in the illegal drugs world. The samurai sword assailants were multiple so eventually it will be another half a dozen jail cells to fill for thirty years.....
  6. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    That’s Ape in his Sado-Masochist evening dress..... Lol.
  7. Fucked Country Hit By KFC Famine

    We have Anglo-French alliance. How’s your civil partnership with the loo-cleaner at KFC ?
  8. Minette Batters

    Get an Avatar Ross.
  9. Fucked Country Hit By KFC Famine

    What did you have for dinner Ape ? Tescos economy rat ? with chips ?........lol. Fuck off. lol.
  10. Fucked Country Hit By KFC Famine

    Did you enjoy your chips tonight ? I’m having roast pheasant with with red cabbage and pomme dauphinois.... You’ll have to google the last word.. lol.
  11. Gareth Suffling

    Unnecessary punctuation... lol.
  12. Gareth Suffling

    I don’t type apart from on here and have my own interpretation... lol.
  13. Father & Son

    Reported for multiple reasons...
  14. Gareth Suffling

    If you go back slightly further everyone in the country was a Catholic as indeed were all the Chuches, Clergy, Aristocracy and Royalty. It’s only a matter of time before things revert back Christian fundamentals.
  15. F1 cunts

    What is your opinion on women in burkas? Perhaps a free burqas distribution outlet for ugly feminists could be a project for you..