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  1. Shitty Computers

    Knob-jockey. lol. Fuck off.
  2. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Confidentiality is important to all organisations especially the Church and it’s certainly none of your business.Cunts like you can’t be reading the Vatican accounts and passing ludicrous comment or profane judgment.Besides your probably carrying several venereal diseases. The Catholic Church is in the business of saving souls and distributes more money to the sick and needy than most nation states. Fuck off.
  3. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    The Catholic Church aids the sick, the weak, the poor and the dying. Don’t tarnish the many heroic deeds with few fallible lapses..
  4. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    More of the sordid details of your life as a rent boy. You should join the Church.
  5. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Reported for child porn references.
  6. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Reported for child abuse.....Mr Gadd is it ? Expect a knock on the door over the weekend.... Pervert.
  7. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    You would would stick the pages together of “Transgender bumchums”. lol. Fuck off.
  8. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    No. Aren’t you in Lagos doing just that at the moment ?
  9. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Catholics don’t indulge in pornography.... Cretin.
  10. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Model Ines Rau has made history by becoming Playboy's first transgender Playmate. In the first issue since its founder Hugh Hefner died, the 26-year-old model appears in the magazine's coveted centrefold spot. The November/ December issue is a 100-page tribute to Hugh, who was an advocate for LGBT issues. A black and white portrait of the businessman is the magazine's front cover image. Ines first appeared in Playboy's May 2014 issue in a special edition, which looked at gender as non-binary.( Whatever that fucking means ). What a disgraceful load of bollocks.
  11. Shitty Computers

    Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of Kings, How some have been deposed, Some sleeping killed, All murdered......
  12. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    No but I’ve eaten freshly roasted Warthog in the Tsavo game reserve. Tsavo have large troops of baboons which will be of interest to you......sexually..... lol. Fuck off.
  13. The ugly and stupid

    You could stock up on red wine ! Then you could go on a truffle hunt... lol.
  14. The ugly and stupid

    Married to a transgender fuckwit with assorted venereal diseases more likely..... Fuck off.
  15. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    Gay peasant....fuck off. lol.