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  1. TA - Travel Anouncements

    How’s Ramone ? Lol.
  2. Blue Planet Cunt

    You could iron out your regional accent with elocution lessons instead of speaking like a cretinous peasant with a palsy. lol
  3. TA - Travel Anouncements

    I hope you get an inoperable, malignant, weeping, galloping growth in your arse which can be poked all Christmas by your diseased, African rentboys.
  4. TA - Travel Anouncements

    I hope you enjoyed your “pride” weekend..... lol.
  5. TA - Travel Anouncements

    Your lot turn over thousands of stolen vehicles so it’s unsurprising you know the technical details.
  6. TA - Travel Anouncements

    I use google maps to check traffic congestion on my mobile phone whilst being careful not to plough into other vehicles or pedestrians in my Range Rover (I have a screen holder device for it). Lol. Fuck off.
  7. TA - Travel Anouncements

    Were you a train “hostess” before you went “on the game”.? lol.
  8. TA - Travel Anouncements

    Did you grow up with the fruit picking West family in Gloucester ? lol.

    Max Clifford was appealing his various convictions.....not any more. lol.
  10. TA - Travel Anouncements

    It’s a pity you didn’t skid on a patch of black ice, go under the wheels of a large Hgv and then get trapped in your own burning vehicle..... lol. lol. Fuck off.
  11. Cunt Christmas presents.

    The afterlife is attainable for you but first you must repent and give up your immoral, depraved and disgusting lifestyle.....
  12. You conveniently discard and hide your own perverted sexual deviance with lies and distortions. You love Saddleworth moor and it’s hidden booty...
  13. Cunts who drink Jack Daniels

    It’s nearly Christmas not Easter...
  14. Charity adverts at christmas

    An arena with which you are well acquainted... lol. Pleb.
  15. Cunt Christmas presents.

    You need to start thinking about your life contributions in relation to the afterlife. You should look at Catholicism more seriously....