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  1. You should go to the local hardware store and buy a heavy duty sledge hammer.Go home and use it to cave in your wife’s skull.Phone the police straight away afterwards......
  2. Punkape

    Free Bus Passes

    I wouldn’t be seen dead on any form of public transport.
  3. Punkape

    The Digital Revolution

    The TV is basically the devil’s tabernacle and a conduit for drivel,inanity,depravity and socialist propaganda. Gone are the days when people spoke to each other, toasted crumpets around the hearth and listened to the wireless.
  4. Punkape

    E.C.B selecting Stokes

    You are jealous of an elite you can never be part of because you’re a serf and oaf.Just be grateful for some crumbs from the top table and keep your mouth shut. lol.
  5. Punkape

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    Hitler was part Jewish.and Himmler was a failed chicken farmer. Hermann Goering was a cunt.
  6. Punkape

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    I’m quite happy for all the Jews to be in Israel ??.
  7. Punkape

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    Regardless of the Balfour declaration Israel grew from world sympathy and American money in the years after the Second World War.
  8. Punkape

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    What are your views on Israel.? Without Hitlers stance on the Jewish question the state of Israel would never have been created... Nazi Germany created Israel ??. lol.
  9. Punkape

    Another royal suckling wedding in the pipeline

    Typo idiot.... I’m on my mobile. You quite obviously didn’t go to a decent public school nor would you have got in even if your family had the necessary financial means......The prospective parents are also effectively interviewed too. lol.
  10. Punkape

    Another royal suckling wedding in the pipeline

    This really is none of your business. You don’t like him because he’s rich,brilliantly connected socially and went to a jolly good public school. In short you’re jealous, chippy and a peasant. Fuck off.
  11. Perhaps a slimmer version..... lol.
  12. Another working class weekend for wankers in Wolverhampton arrives. lol.
  13. I’ve seen more cleavage on an Ethiopian flamingo....
  14. Punkape

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    Have you trained your dog to do a Nazi salute when you exclaim “Gas the Jews” ? You should....