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Casual sperm Donors


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Exhibit a. These two women (Yes really) in Kansas, (where else) get together and decide "they want a child", to cement and adorn their love for each other. Instead of opting for the sensible second choice i.e. stereotypical French Bulldog with huge bollocks, they shoot for the stars as it were and look for a sperm donor. Not being able to afford the services of a pukkah wank bank, they find a friend to squeeze out 10 mls or so of the vital fluid for them. They use the turkey baster and lo and behold a child appears. Within a couple of years, Loves young dream has dimmed and one of them has fucked off leaving the other other to rear the child alone. Now , the state is after the biological father to shoulder the financial burden of raising the child, because the sperm donation was not made formally through an official sperm bank and clinic. I'll bet he feels pretty fucking stupid now despite his "back of a fag packet" agreement he had with them. Serves him right for being a smug middle class uber cunt, see exhibit b in gallery, you can just tell can't you ? My sperm is so special, even the lesbians want it, be fucked. Next time you jerk off, make sure it doesn't land in a test tube.

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