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Rebecca Minnock

Guest Couldn't give a shit

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Guest Couldn't give a shit

This oxygen thief split up with her ex who then then got an access order to see their son. Because she got smacked arse over it she made up a pile of shit about her ex being a druggie and a headcase in order to get the access terminated. Luckily for him the Judge had his head screwed on and called her out for the lying cunt that she is and gave the dad custody of the child. However, she completely lost the plot and disappeared with the kid and is no trying to solicit sympathy through the media presenting herself as a poor oppressed mother who has been denied "Justice".

Now I've had personal experience with the family courts and have friends who have been through the heartbreaking process of being reduced to a bit part in their children's lives because the mother has "moved on" and "wants to start a new life" which is just bullshit to hide the fact that they just want maintenance without the hassle of explaining to their ex why his children are going completely off the rails and being exposed to a different stranger coming out of mummy's bedroom every Sunday morning. The simple fact is, the family courts do not award custody to Fathers unless there is a very good fucking reason and in the case of minging Minnock it was because she isn't right in the head. The way the media and police are dancing to her tune is nothing short of a disgrace. If a father had done this his picture would be splashed everywhere and portrayed by the press as a not right who should be locked up forever and never able to see his child again.  

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Guest MikeD

Had the same thing in court with my ex, she said when we first met I loved her and everything was perfect, then I according to her I spent all our money on drugs, gambling, booze and hookers...fucking total bullshit, I never loved her.

​Obviously a raving fucking lesbian, better off without her.

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