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Jenson Button

Guest Lady Penelope

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Guest DingTheRioja
2 hours ago, Roadkill said:

Jenson is a nice guy compared to other ego maniac F1 drivers. Lewis actually makes me root for the fucking Germans.


one thing I will say for his dress sense.... it won't show up the blood will it..!!!

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He's a gangste, innit,

Hangin' in the car park of Safeway with his homies,

Not smokin or drinking,

Nah, that would be whack,

Just trying to look chill for the cameras, mang,

Mamas' a cracka papas' a balla,

That means little Lewis Hammie is from the streetz, yo.

That right there is a white man rapping. Hamilton wishes he had these sick beats.

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Formula 1's for poofs. It's what gays do when the football season is over. The only good thing about it is the big-titted pre-race groupies and the tantalisingly attractive probability that one of these fucking benders might lose control of their car, hit a concrete bridge at 220mph and turn themselves into 80 kilos of flying mince. Niki Lauda's a cunt.

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Guest Drew P Pissflaps

In the absence of a suitable response from the faux posh twat, - Run Punkape/safemode.

"buttons are for oiks. What you need is a French Cuff shirt and a pair of Tiffany cufflinks."


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