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  1. And I'm drivin will typing how fuccin gum am I!!!!
  2. Not unuf I'm still at it it's liberation wee8
  3. I fuckinng luv u eriiickle, hic...
  4. The original Seafood Restaurant. I've been 3 times, 1st. time, about 13 or 14 years ago, was ok. I followed this with a day course at his Seafood School hosted by Bill James, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The 2nd. around 18 months later was ultra shit, in fact, so wank I didn't pay the bill wth the maitre d's approval. I returned a final time 12 months later to give them the benefit of the doubt, bad move, I didn't pay for that shit either. That cunt Stein hasn't set foot in his fucking kitchen, except for telly wanking for eons. The fish and chip shop despite being overpriced, is still worth a visit. HTH and fuck off.
  5. And his restaurant is shit.
  6. Agreed. Even worse, they flat refuse to bone out their fish. Healthy Mediterranean cuisine my arse, most Spanish kids and a considerable number of their parents now live on burgers, chips, ketchup, bread and churros. Short fat fucking bandy legged cunts, that's just the women.
  7. Yes there are. Not for you though.
  8. For fucks sake, pay attention. I'm obviously a northerner you thick cunt. And a Baboon.
  9. Most certainly. Worst thing is tho Stubbs, my reply has also appears to have been splashed on by some cunt. I could've sworn I typed the shortened version of "person of Pakistani origin " and not "Near East". Henceforth, I shall be known as "North of Sheffield, South of Bradford, West of Hull, nowhere near fucking Liverpool".
  10. Ooooof! Mind you, I forgot you're a mongrel Frog, perhaps with a splash of Near East?
  11. Exactly and every door, window and cat flap smashed in, floorboards polished, chimney swept, patio re-laid and guttering flushed. I'd give her a fucking serious dose of DIY.
  12. @Stubby Pecker.......Front and centre. Remind me of past glories.
  13. Ooooooffff!! She filled that white jump suit spectacularly well.
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