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  1. Where in the teachings of Catholicism, does it cover the virtuous practice of wishing harm upon your fellow man?
  2. It just means 'Vote Rat', in support of the fuhre.. I mean Ratty's run for the next general election.
  3. This thread has turned into a gay Steven Dorff wankfest.
  4. Like woodland Christmas critters?
  5. Glad to see you've ditched the avatar featuring the disgusting, sinister, bogling calypso nonce. Your new one looks that bloke out of Buck Rodgers.
  6. I used to watch the moomins when I was a kid. Little hippo cunts.
  7. Bit of a shit choice, you could have been Mormon, then you would get to see the fast motor car type world record thingies, or you could go Quaker and get one of those pirate hats like the bloke off the porridge box.
  8. I watched a couple of episodes of that. Total made up bollocks, those cunts are as much 'professional criminals' as I am a kangaroo. A fat nonce and three skinny, former bumboys, who have now been promoted to supplying the fat chicken-hawk cunt with fresh meat.
  9. Timmy Mallet springs to mind.
  10. The God squad and the PC loonies have a lot in common. "this is the truth and you're wrong!... ..oh, you agree with me?.. ..I've changed my mind, this is the truth now, so there."
  11. Eric Cuntman

    Theresa May

    Wine is fine, but whisky's quicker.
  12. Cheeky Chappie... ..thieving, junkie rat-boy cunt. (Fred Barrass) *snigger*
  13. Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great, if a sperm is wasted, god gets quite irate.
  14. Them norses, telt us yee woz a big fuckin heemasex, wot ya ganna dee aboorit?
  15. You're his mum aren't you?
  16. I like the films, but the gamer cunts can't just enjoy them without getting all outraged that they don't follow the game to the letter. "it's soooo wrong that Alice doesn't meet with Gill until the third instalment, in the game 'franchise cannon' (smug look) they are introduced halfway through the second instalment!" shut up, you pasty looking, socially inadequate, faggot virgin.
  17. A fucking multi faith area! What do they do, put a load of Jews and Muslims together and give the Doctor's a bit of practice with stab wounds.
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