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  1. I'm fairly sure of what's gone on. I've gone through all of XYYs comments on dosbods since he turned up here. He hasn't once mentioned his visits here. I think because he doesn't want them having a look at the corner and seeing that he's been absolutely taken apart. He will have put you on the naughty step so any attempt by you to alert the dosbods membership of his flaccid attempt at retribution will never see the light of day. If he'd turned up and kicked my arse, he would be over there shouting it from the rooftops. That's why you've been silenced, subject to his approval. He's embarrassed because I've arse-fucked him for the second time. What a precious little whippet abusing cunt. I notice he hasn't logged in here today.
  2. I'm in the back garden watching a hedgehog chew up a snail.
  3. Innit boring on here late nights these days. Remember when Extremecunt would smoke a big bag of Crystal-Meth every night and we sat up talking until sunrise.
  4. I'm well known for creative and spectacularly violent solutions to problems like the one pictured above... On this occasion however, it would be the done thing to upwardly delegate to @Rev. The floor is yours, your holiness.
  5. That's a fucking disgrace. I love sexy little Hazel. I think I know the microphone headed simpleton you're talking about. He was presenting 'Worlds Strongest Man' a couple of years ago. I was hoping Terry Hollands was going to shove him up his arse as a shit-stopper during the deadlift.
  6. I don't understand why they conceal their identities by wearing balaclavas.. They all look the same anyway.
  7. Fucking hell. He was talking to @Ape™️ . You're flapping like a startled Budgerigar.
  8. Christ you're thick. He sent your details to MY inbox. They have of course been forwarded to the Operation Grange SIO.
  9. Anything you're not an expert on? He was talking to me, idiot.
  10. You're mistaken. Ask him. I'm sure he'll post a picture of the Evening Standard with your real name written on it. He knows where you live.
  11. Frank has just posted photos of himself in Hyde park. Taken today. You've made something of a cunt of yourself here...
  12. The most disturbing aspect of this, is that you didn't need to use the search facility. You already knew the page number and position of the nomination. K-Mart sucks.
  13. I have had a rant about her on here before. Can't remember which topic. Religion, the root of all cuntishness.
  14. The original XYY man had an extra chromosome which made him a compulsive criminal. This @The XYY Man has a missing chromosome, which makes him a compulsive stupid fucking cunt.
  15. The Jamaican bloke sounds alright actually. Getting the palm of my hand thrashed with a cane never did me any harm. Obviously it would have been catastrophic for @Neil.
  16. The Japs have come a long way with weapons tech since early 20th century. Their first attempt at an officers sidearm, was a pistol that had such a thin skin that squeezing the hand grips would release the bolt and shoot Tojo in the thigh. Lol.
  17. I just looked at his Vimeo again. He's posted the skiing ones. Him careening down a slope, phone in hand, screaming: "WITHERRS!"
  18. They were identical. I do remember them. The hillman avenger became Talbot, Austin and possibly something else too. Horrible bit of shite. Further to your Dosbods 'Triumph' topic, I always liked the Triumph 2.5pi. The big one that the police used as a motorway interceptor.
  19. My dad had a 1975 one, around 1980 I think. He loved it. They were quite pokey. A solid 1750 engine, and an overdrive unit (5th gear).
  20. There was a lot of that. Remember the 'Humber Sceptre'? It was a hillman hunter with twin headlights and a fake walnut dashboard. Citroen made a hatchback version of the 2CV and called it a 'Dyanne'. As for the Mini, put a little boot on the back and call it a Riley Elf. Another version of that was badged as 'wolseley'.
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