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Cunts they go bust mutiple times owing people money

Guest Fatty

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Guest Snatch

I knew a cunt who did that. Still owes me a couple of grand, that doesn't sound like much in todays money but in 1984 when the cunt did me for it, it was a fucking lot. Bastard.

​It's not exactly small change in 2015.

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Guest Bill Stickers

Like these football clubs who go into administration more than once.

Fucking shitholes should be bulldozed and turned into fucking car-parks

While they are bull-dozing Pompey and Luton's stadiums, they should just do the whole towns. Shit-holes the pair of them. Maybe the Albert Road could be saved and that's it.

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Guest DingTheRioja

The cunts done it 7 times

​Not called Roger is he... I know a cunt who did that a few times... well... might be into double figures now if he's not been topped for it...

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