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peter ball the jimmy saville of the church


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A member of the royal family, a senior judge, cabinet ministers and public school headmasters all supported this cunt who escaped prosecution for sexual abuse 22 years ago.

The dirty old perv sent to jail today , how many uncle jimmy moments has he had in the last 22 years because of his pals in High places ?

Makes you question why , MP'S , judges and members of the royal family supported him...

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Guest Alfie Noakes

Fuck them all. Like Obama getting bored of reporting mass killings it is such a regular occurrence that even I, who has prolifically outed these scum on here in the past, think that we should perhaps, as has been suggested before, have a thread just for this subject, where names etc can be added to the list (of those I would personally shoot come the revolution).

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I don't understand where these old cunts get the fucking energy for all this persistent offending. I guess most of them aren't married!


lining up boys in front of the altar so they 'are naked before God' Isn't exactly hard work, well not until he starts wanking...

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Guest Drew P Pissflaps

this religious fruitcake will get his comeuppance when Lucifier fucks him up the arse for all eternity when he arrives in hell for his sins.............unless, maybe all this religion jibba jabba is a load of old tosh.

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