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Dutch Slavery

Penny Farthing

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51 minutes ago, Penny Farthing said:

Firstly, congratulations for sourcing two non-BBC news links.

Secondly, reading the facts, why is The Netherlands a "country with a far worse historical record than the UK"?

An estimated 10-12,000,000 slaves from Africa and Asia were trafficked by European military and traders between the 17th and 19th Centuries – more than 1/4 of this total by British merchants – the Dutch responsible for around 600,000. Slavery in Britain also took place over a longer period in history.

The Dutch Colonial Empire, while not innocent in its past actions, did not invade other countries to anywhere near the same scale or extent as Britain to poach slaves for its growing empire.

It's fair to say each strong, white, European kingdom behaved in a similar way in its conquest for power and colonialism during the slave trade era, but if numbers speak more truth than anything else, then the British surely qualify as the "country with a far worse historical record" than others.

Get your facts, and your wording straight, Pen.

For the record, in exactly the same way Germans born after WW2 shouldn't keep having to apologise for the actions of its Nazi superpower which has blighted their history, nor should the modern, current inhabitants of Holland or the UK have to keep fucking apologising for events which started & finished hundreds of years before they were born.

Stupid, pointless fucking nomination.

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11 hours ago, Penny Farthing said:

Kill yourself.

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