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Alfred the Cunt

Old fart

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On 06/06/2023 at 11:14, Old fart said:

As far as I can see, this great King went into battle, lost, ran away, hid in some peasants dwelling then burnt his cake......I hereby rename him

Old fart, have you thought about asking  @Penny Farthing for its 1st hand account of what went on with Alfred? Pen was around 41 years old at the time. 

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21 hours ago, Hammer of Cunts said:

I'm talking about his half-Chinese blother (or brothel).

No one even remotely connected to Pen would be allowed into any of my brothels. If I ran an abattoir I’d invite Pen in and let the slaughterman practice on the cunt with the bolt gun and electric saw. That fucking enormous trouser snake of his would be a fucking days work in itself to chop up into cow sized pieces though.

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