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Handicapped or Disabled?


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Spanish government has changed its constitution to eliminate "handicapped" in official language in favour of "people with disabilities". This follows after the Prado changed its Goya catalogue entries to delete the word "dwarf".* They say it puts the description after the word people which according to them makes it more acceptable. But what if you say "disabled person" isn't this the same as "handicapped person"? Anyway, what happened to the word "spastic"?  I haven't heard that for awhile.  Then there was "mongol". In my school days and beyond it was quite common to call somebody a "mong" as a sort of mocking laugh not to be taken too seriously. 

* Some of the labels now read "skeletal dysplasia". What then of midgets who don't suffer from any disability, but who are just small? Is "midget" banned? 


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Isn't the modern term " differently abled"

Let's face it the American president has got a brain resembling Swiss cheese and is off with the fairies most of the time .That cunt is differently able to say the least  and also able to launch a nuclear strike should he become agitated .We should all be shitting ourselves .Joe probably is .

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In-between throwing donkies off High buildings, eating oily food that gives terrible acid reflux ,saying they were neutral during WW2 but being very friendly with Adolf ,  stabbing bulls , building terrible balconies , making shite cars ,  land grabbing unless you pay local goverment  a rather large bung  and speaking with that weird lisp the Spanish now feel they are entitled to give  lessons on politically correct terminology .They can fuck right  off .

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