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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I often wondered where andouillette came from.
  2. Shitty Computers

    Because to the Linux community it's not work it's a labour of love. Linux is intended to be a free open-source operating system, in other words the opposite of Microsoft Windows.
  3. Shitty Computers

    Only in your over-vivid imagination. I only banned you once for a very short time and I didn't give you a permanent warning point.
  4. Shitty Computers

    Well obviously you can download and burn an iso, but it's not really worth the time and hassle. There are a few Linux buffs on eBay who will sell you an operation system for a couple of quid. They don't make any money out of it, the two pounds is just to cover the cost of eBay fees, P&P and the CD.
  5. RapeLawyers4You

    Public service information.
  6. RapeLawyers4You

    "Mister Derek", Derek Fowlds, went on to play Bernard in Yes Minister and Sgt Blaketon in Heartbeat.
  7. I haven't deleted any posts today either.
  8. Crassulaceae

    Er... right.
  9. No longer being able to wear heels.

    It's not as simple as that, a surprisingly large number of people are born without being clearly defined as male or female. In the past it seems doctors have pretty much tossed a coin and assigned a gender on dubious means. In the worst cases this has resulted in surgery to remove genitalia which didn't fit with the assigned sex. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/oct/12/great-ormond-street-hospital-failing-intersex-patients
  10. Black day at Census rock.

  11. Mike Brewer

    Yes, in addition to the car work he's renown as a bit of a bonkers inventor. And for orange gloves.
  12. Disneyland Europe

    Paris looks wonderful at night, but I have to agree, in the cold light of day parts of it is a bit dirty and seedy.
  13. Mike Brewer

    Edd China wont be on any further episodes of Wheeler Dealers. The show was acquired by American company Velocity who decided to maximise profit and cut back on his in depth repair work because it was too expensive to record and to make the show more about Brewer who made it clear he was up for it. So he quit. They are not currently best friends.