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  1. Richard Osman

    And you still wont be able to get a seat on the nasty rattly little plastic units.
  2. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I don't mind a bit of cricket. The problem with the game is that successive governments have been so scared of the power of the Murdoch family that in order to get their support they have allowed it be become a private game for Sky customers only.
  3. Carillion

    I imagine that there are a very substantial number of headless chickens running around in government circles right now. The problem of course is that Carillion is a very major part of the privatisation and outsourcing program that's been going on under Tory and New Labour Tory governments since the days of Thatcher. If it goes under what happens next? Then there is the little matter of the broken pension fund. If that's allowed to go under too an awful lot of people are going to conclude that they might as well spend their money now, because they could save for a pension all their working lives and still end up with nothing.
  4. 'shithole countries'

    Yep, in a nutshell.
  5. Nigel Farage

    Not sure who I dislike more, Farage or Blair, but rest assured I dislike them both a lot.
  6. Splitarses in the SAS


    Yes, but infidel in the world of ISIS means anyone who doesn't believe in their twisted idea of Caliphate as the goal of Islam. That includes Muslims as much as anyone else - they believe that we should all die if we don't agree with and support their ideology.
  8. Employer Cunts

    Not the point. This has come up before. Here we have a new member taking the remit of CC right from the early days - "The place to name the Cunts of the World!!!" and perhaps getting it a little bit wrong as I'm sure most of us have done from time to time, immediately being pounced on with abusive comments by a self-appointed clique who think they somehow own the right to post on the corner. If existing members, especially on The Open Corner, choose to abuse each other so be it. Sometimes its funny, other times it's just repetitive and tedious, but that doesn't mean you have a right to gang up and declare open season on anyone who dares to join the forum and make a post. Clear enough?
  9. Employer Cunts

    10. Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed.
  10. The curse of STD's

    Could this be even possibly true? Well the past is a strange place so lets leave it be for the time being. You wont ever get the idea that this means I fell off the nearest tree though will you old chap?
  11. Cheese with fruit in

    Irrelevant OT rubbish removed. Regarding cheese with fruit I'm not a big fan, although Wensleydale with cranberries works.
  12. Drunk Tanks

    I didn't know they still made that stuff. A sort of alcoholic Tizer if I remember rightly
  13. Drunk Tanks

    It was Christmas Eve babe........
  14. Congratulations

  15. Nick Clegg's Knighthood

    He should certainly have some sort of recognition for his achievements. Reducing the Lib-Dem MPs from 57 to 8 in one term, thus wiping out many years of progress under Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy, is pretty impressive.