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Ebonics: (a blend of the words ebony and phonics) -is a pseudo variant of Modern English or 'New English'. Currently contains almost 19 words. Also called : Scum Tongue, Illiteratarian or Lowe-Eye-Queue'd Language. - Is essentially what English would sound like if it was attempted by a Down's syndrome sufferer, whilst being anally raped, along with having had sulphuric acid poured directly onto their brains. Originating in the USA, but also favoured by UK teens who were raised by MTV while their single mothers were busy sniffing inbetween the floorboards for any possibly dropped cocaine. The 'speek' of choice for a large number of racially confused teenagers. Ebonics has moved away from being the Afrocentrist's twist on modern English, and edged closer to being the preferred tongue of lower class, filthy cunts and has also been adopted by immigrants from across the spectrum, as it requires little to no grasp of real English to master - (See: Spanglish, Portuzilian, Morrocish and JobSeekerian.) Common Ebonics wording: Sup Aight Yo Axe (ask) Playa Piyump (pimp?) Tawkin (possibly 'talking'.) Git-minez (Apparently refers to getting something deserved - 'Get mine(s) Git-A-Joab-nu-uh An example of an Ebonicised sentence - ''Hello, James. Saw you had your car resprayed the other day, very nice indeed. Say hello to your mother for me when you see her. Bye for now.'' V ''Aight, Jimmy boy. I seens u had yo car pimped in green n sheeit, lookin hawt baby, fo sho, dayum. Aye yo, say hey-hey to yo momz fo me, when u pops up in da hood, aight. Peace, homie.'' Ebonics is such a popular pastime for those who indulge themselves in the butchering and eye-socket fucking of Language, in the USA, that much like Rosetta Stone installments, you can purchase 'Hooked on Phonics', Ebonics lesson software, or learn at your local library, how to talk like a complete cunt.. Top Linguists and Sociologists have advised the United States Government to use both New English and Ebonics in newscasted dialogue and other such media, to broaden the reach to the audience. The states or towns of - Oakland, CA Dekalb County, Georgia, Washington, Pittsburg and Detroit, all teach Ebonics from nursery school classes up to college level, and there are calls to implement Ebonics in the UK/EW curriculum.

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Guest Wizardsleeve

Any cunt caught teaching or speaking this rubbish should have the fuck kicked out of them until they learn to speak and write proper English.  It's tough love, but they'll thank us later.  

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