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Pop Brians (or Bryans)


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Guest judgetwi

..........and then there is Brian Jones. Fucked a thousand birds, permanently wasted on drugs and died young and pretty, like a real rock star should , before cunts could start taking the piss out of them. Definitely not a cunt i say !!!!

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Fucking hell, there's even more than I thought. 

Brian Hyland, the cunt responsible for "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini".

A word of advice, though: don't Google "Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny" with safe search switched off!

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Guest Couldn't give a shit

Brian Harvey, the prick with small man syndrome from east 17. If anyone ever deserved to get run over by his own car it was him.

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Brian Downey and Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy (and Motorhead for Robertson) sort of wins a bit of karma back for team Brian.

Any such gain is quickly negated by Brian Johnson of AC/DC, the cloth-capped, vowel-strangling, leather-faced cunt.

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Guest luke swarm

Ferry's Son, Otis is one of the biggest cunts in Shropshire...one of the foxhunting brigade constantly banging on about the unfairness of the hunting ban, Ferry senior should be flayed simply for producing this piece of distended septic distended rectum. 

Bit off topic but still a valid observation I feel to take advantage of this anti Brian thread.    

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