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French Bed Bugs

Penny Farthing

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Just now, Penny Farthing said:

I have never been on a Eurostar .. are they like the pacer trains?

When they first started at Waterloo terminus (there's another fucking costly white elephant cos the cunts decided it was unacceptable to have anything flag ship south of the river... they couldn't tolerate it. Everything in their minds has to fit into the kill zone of the first nuclear bomb. 

... Anyway then it was great! The seats and trains were comfy and spacious. Fucking fantastic - never dreamt of trains like this before in the UK (of course it's the standard in Europe) and as soon as it moved to KX it fucking collapsed into the hard seats, crowded together, no leg room horrible horrible. And you are treated like shit at every stage from queuing to get in to border control or security. Sub standard worse than the shittiest airport. Basically because it's owned and managed by the French and their contempt for us comes right through. 

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The Kraut bed bugs will as usual sort it out when they roll in through The Ardenne, fuck all the female frog bugs, then machine gun all the gay, beret topped, male (allegedly) frog bugs, riding around on their bicycles shouting ‘Allo Allo’ with a string of rotting onions round their necks (futilely attempting to hide the vile stench of their disgusting garlic breath). No doubt Withers will be hiding in the goose house like some sort of cross between Anne Frank, Orville and Emu.

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15 hours ago, and said:

How do they know the bed bugs are French, do they smoke Gauloises and smell of garlic, or do they suck cock and take it up the wrong'un?

They sing the la marseillaise  before plunginging their cheese smelling fangs into our virginal pale skins .

Who will be our Nelson to protect us from the galic hoardes and their questionable toiletry habits .Who will be willing to lay down their life after the last puff of raid is expelled from the can .We can itch , we can scratch but we will  never kneel  to the puces.

Let them do their worst whilst in our slumber , for when we awake we will be lions (with raised irritable red lumps ) .

I might go and make that speech  at Tilbury .Has anyone got an English to urdu dictionary. 

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21 hours ago, entitled little cunt said:

How do you know about my poodle  fascinations

You're barking up the wrong tree, @Wolfie is the cunt who loves everything canine, a friend of the family, defender of psycho-dogs and all that.

I fuckin' hate dogs, it's a well known fact, but something that the retards on here like to ignore.

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