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  1. Fox Hunting

  2. Cunts with freckles

    You should have broken her fingers ollie, then she'd never have talked.
  3. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Remember "You've got foetus on your breath", gypps? If those lads had known about peely they'd have been more circumspect.
  4. Jerry Lewis

    Norman Wisdom was very popular in Albania. Now that's funny, but nothing else about him was.
  5. Sunday Trading Laws

    Punkers, I've always tolerated your witterings with good grace. But if you're honestly suggesting that catholics take their wedding vows any more seriously than anyone else does then I'm here to tell you that you are, I'm afraid, full of shit. Married Catholic birds are the easiest of prey by a country mile for even the most fledgling of philanderers. All that religious guilt is a golden ticket into whichever of her orifices you happen to fancy at the time, especially if you catch her weeping at some left footers funeral.
  6. Cunts with freckles

    My wife had been in labour for hours when finally the doctor came out of the delivery room. I looked at him expectantly. "The bad news is he's ginger," he said. "The good news is he's dead."
  7. Good Game , Good Game

    Well, he managed to sire six children. Although that could just mean he had a winsome smile and a turkey baster.
  8. Cunts who only have a Hotpoint, but are hard as fuck

    Crusts?? Luxury. When I were a lad we'd steal a dog biscuit from t'neighbours kennels, and that had to last us a month.
  9. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    "can I get...."
  10. Adults with scooters.

    As a matter of fact, so did I.
  11. I shall alter it forthwith ratty, as soon as I decide on a suitable alternative. The old one is outdated now anyway, sadly.
  12. Fair comment eric, also in fairness to Wizz I'd like to point out that he posted a rather neat gag about the bold bit on the sicki thread. Credit where its due.
  13. Eh?

    In rats case stubby, it would more likely be Wagner. And the vinegar strokes to footage of poland being invaded.
  14. More liberal bollocks

    If you mean his haircut, I agree.
  15. More liberal bollocks

    Could have been worse. The working title was "Rapist".