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  1. King Billy

    Bruno Tonioli

    You’re up and rattled early today Mrs Huggett. Did you shit the bed? Go give your gusset a good scrub. You might enjoy it. You would be making everyone else’s day a lot more bearable. And don’t forget to kill yourself Fuck off lol
  2. King Billy

    Bruno Tonioli

    You were born on the bog seat Steaming stool Fuck Off lol
  3. Rather boring answer. You do surprise me. Fuck off. lol
  4. King Billy

    Bruno Tonioli

    That’s Pen you’re describing Eric. lol
  5. Are you Mrs Huggett by any chance? lol
  6. King Billy

    Bruno Tonioli

    The moustache was a bit of a giveaway. Lol
  7. It’s not a Cunt It’s an organ lol
  8. I have none left Albert but I am due a consignment presently. One of them should have your moniker attached. lol
  9. Primarily No one cares lol
  10. Rule 43 is more appropriate lol
  11. Her last boyfriend/partner/fucking idiot killed himself. It absolutely devastated her.........for a couple of weeks, which she couldn’t tell everyone enough about. When she was married to fat boy slim she cheated on him at least twice and the dopey cunt took her back. And then lo and fucking behold she did it again, and moved in with the cunt who topped himself. Fucking self obsessed shitbag of the highest order. Grade A Cuntess and no mistake Guvnor. lol
  12. King Billy


    Or the dyslexic tobboganist. He ran out of Marlboro lights.
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