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  1. Normal for Neil to find loads of blood and soil all over himself in the morning if he’s had a busy night.
  2. Ok you’re correct on this one. The House ie congress bring forward most legislation and then it goes to the senate. It looks like the senate which is majority republican are introducing this and fast tracking it probably by executive order of the President, bypassing congress. I don’t know the ins and outs of the process but they must have a process for doing it. Bloody right and all. Congress is a cesspit of cunts presently as shown by their obsession with removing Trump for the last few years instead of getting on with what they were elected to do. They will lose their majority in November probably. They are a complete shambles at the moment, much like our Labour Party, split between far left progressives and their traditional centre left. Fuck the lot of them.
  3. Unfortunately congress has a dem party majority so the bill if it exists won’t see the light of day and Congress isn’t even sitting at the moment. I fear your info may be fake news which most of the things posted on the net regarding Washington’s swamp are.
  4. The only coloured people to be seen at Wentworth are the GREENkeepers.
  5. I wouldn’t give her a bite of my apple.
  6. An elite school in Glasgow means it has some unbroken windows, at least a partial roof and a functioning electricity and water supply.
  7. Water melon probably. Possibly baggies of weed or crack cocaine.
  8. Kim Jong Un has just tweeted Donald Trump..... Little Rocket Man here.... My Virus is bigger than yours.
  9. They’re on their way to the ‘Who wants to win a pair of flip flops’ hit TV show.
  10. Jay Leno has a holiday cottage there.
  11. Are Tonga Loans available for travel costs?
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