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  1. MonsieurTwat to you, Goose Boy.
  2. She had a glass leg and a wooden eye.
  3. I’ve been busting my bollocks for the last ten days flogging real Christmas trees and seeing this has destroyed any belief I had left that the human race might survive as we know it. Although at £196 a pop I’m thinking......This time next year We’re gonna be millionaires Rodney.
  4. Greta Cuntberg would look nice on top, with a small fire at the base.
  5. It’s gonna be worse when you’re pushing up the dandelions, your coffin lid’s started leaking and a great big hungry earthworm is trying to figure out why your fake vagina is a cul de sac.
  6. His colostomy bag must have burst again during the night. Probably while he was dreaming of when he had a fully functional arsehole, before it succumbed to years of abuse.
  7. You wouldn’t even be allowed to blurt out a tune on the Villeroy and Boch in Fortnums you weasel faced vermin. Give up this nonsense and fuck off.
  8. You’ll be in the Intensive Care Unit on the fourth floor at UCH if I bump into you this afternoon. Snivelling little maggot.
  9. I’ll get my timing right when I kick your head in Frank. Rest assured.
  10. Richard Burgon, Lisping Labour Corbynite has just been on Newsnight claiming that last nights showing was down to Brexit, and the media demonising ‘Jeremy’.That would be the Conservative supporting BBC, Channel 4, Sky News etc. etc. lol. Apparently the manifesto policies and the ‘leader’were really popular and the next election won’t be about Brexit. So that’s that then. As usual the stupid plebs, having got a taste for voting way beyond their intellectual ability in the last couple of democratic exercises got it all wrong again. When are these fucking stupid commoner fucking idiots going to have the brains to vote for who they’re told to vote for? Poor Jeremy, having to rely on such fucking idiots to get his revolution going. At least Diane Abbot wouldn’t show him up on the only time they allowed her out in public during the campaign. Ever since the expenses scandal and she can’t claim for Jimmy Choos, rumour has it she nicks all her footwear from the display of left feet outside Shoezone at Dalston.
  11. Are ye aaaroight? Could ye spare us 20 euros for a half of Guinness Sir? Me sister’ll suck yer cock and lick yer arse sir. Ahh God bless ye sir. Thank ye sir.
  12. They’ve got bigger heads though.
  13. Cabbage and bacon or somethin
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