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  1. I don’t know why they keep droning on about it.
  2. Helicopter crash? Calling Ape!
  3. Did you cut and paste this straight off ‘Grindr’ Eric?
  4. 🎶ding ding a ding ding...Can you see who it is yet?🎶
  5. I’ve sussed this shit out now. The Pedros down in El Paso are testing their new weapon of mass destruction on the tiddlywinks. Once they’ve got 1.4 billion satisfied customers under their bullet belt ‘The Donald’ will be getting a call at the Oval Office along the lines of “Hey Gringo. Remember you called us all rapists? Well you was right and you’re my bitch now.Meester Donald.”
  6. Hasn’t any of these fucking so called experts worked it out yet?....’CORONAvirus’. I’ve stopped buying Mexican beer and no one in our house has caught it. FFS. Fucking Mexicans.
  7. COMING SOON! From the Susan Boyle Winter Collection......’Smells like my arse’ Available in 50ml eau de colon.
  8. Sorry Albert but you’ve started on the magic mushrooms far too early tonight.
  9. You can wash it with soap You can wash it with soda Bur you’ll never get rid of the Grimsby odour.
  10. You are Stephen Hawking and I claim my £5.
  11. “Seen any humanoids?”
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