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  1. I agree. But you lot have surrendered so many times it’s hard to respond any differently.
  2. It’s a re-enactment of the potato famine. Arguably Irelands finest hour.
  3. They did a great two page feature called ‘maximising your turnip yield and ensuring they don’t deteriorate in the ground’ last month. Apparently turnips should be oiled and wrapped well in a waterproof material then planted in a shady part of the garden away from nosy neighbours etc.until needed.
  4. Maybe Panz, but what have they got stashed under the insulation in the lofts of those beautiful stone clad council houses and buried in those lovely gardens under the prizewinning rhododendron bushes? If you don’t already, you might want to start sleeping with one eye open when you’re scraping hulls with ‘Miss Carrickfergus’. Anyone climbing in the window in the dead of night, wearing a balaclava and shouting ‘No Surrender’ is probably not popping in to tell you how delighted they are at the fast approaching unification of Ireland KB
  5. If these were Adolfs he must have had a 60’’ waist and been 8’ tall. With that in mind his arsehole would have been proportionately large and therefore capable of such explosive damage.
  6. Panz tells me he’s enamoured with a fine girl from ‘up north’. Carrickfergus to be precise, a UDA stronghold. It’s obvious that he’s had enough of being on the side of the sodomites and deviants and his ‘Road to Carrickfergus’ conversion and decision to become a unionist is very good news, and I’m sure the ‘boys’ up north will welcome him with open arms. (Not those type of arms). I look forward to marching with him next July 12th. NO SURRENDER. KICK THE POPE.
  7. No doubt you’re scrabbling around in the cupboard searching for the white flag then?
  8. King Billy

    Naga Munchetty

    I believe there are some blacks in the England team. I gave up watching England ‘attempting’ to play football years ago when it became obvious to me that they were absolutely fucking useless at it. I admire your optimism Ed in your unwavering belief that your national side (Burkina Faso) will win the next World Cup, but I fear you might be wrong. What I have observed though is that all the African countries seem to field very few white players. Perhaps they don’t want the crowd making snowman chants or calling them snowflakes. Racist fucking dusky cunts.
  9. King Billy

    Naga Munchetty

    What a stroke of luck you had though Eddie, finishing your internship at Halfords on the 91st floor the previous week.
  10. You hang around with lots of Queens you sad little corgi shafter. Please fuck off. lol lol
  11. Punkers went see his GP today with a golf ball stuck in his arse. The doctor told him “It’s not going to come out easily. It’s in a ‘fairway’”
  12. King Billy

    Naga Munchetty

    I met Rolf Harris at Heathrow, in the departure lounge for Florida. I said to him. “Are you going to Fort Lauderdale Rolf?” He replied “No I’m going to Tampa......With the kids”
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