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  1. Make China Shit Again!
  2. King Billy

    BBC News

    Well of course the countryside is racist. The BBC wouldn’t say it unless it was true. One thing we can all rely on is that they would never lie to us. Now get down to the fucking Post Office and pay your licence fee you slave owning cunts. And fucking hurry up. June Sarpong wants a new Bentley you racist scum. This is my opinion and not the BBCs. David Lammy.
  3. Yellow Peril? Have you pissed in the washing powder again Stubbs?
  4. Giant killer wasps. They can roll off the 3D printer production line by the million. ”Any colour you want, as long as it’s yellow.”
  5. I love that film. I only realised that Fly Boy is Ving Rhames after about the 4th time I watched it.
  6. Just like the flag you wave furiously if you see a Mercedes coming down the street towards you. Fuck Off. LOL.
  7. Do you think Keith Floyd would have beaten George Floyd in a choke off?
  8. How many Ginsters Pasties do you have in your mouth at the moment?
  9. When there’s no more room in hell. The spastics will walk the earth. George A Romero.... or was it Floyd?
  10. I suspect his mum is very very disappointed with his life progress so far. I think the worst is yet to come. Looks like he’s peaked too early and she missed it.
  11. Great minds think alike Eric. I was only 1 minute ahead of you on this one but I’m sure you’ll get me next time.
  12. Good point Ed. I think he should be OK till mummy gets back from McDonalds with his chicken nuggets and some clean Pampers.
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