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Charlie meeting the IRA.


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Guest DingTheRioja

"shook hands"...

Well.. he better check to see if he has his rings still, and even if he has any fingers left... then bleach the fuckers.

...that fenian bastard needs bricking...

And his fucking terrorist bastard mates have MPs in Westminster but "don't take up their seats"..??


Well FUCK OFF THEN!! CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest MikeD

Old Charlie's just doing what he's told like the rest of the inbred cunts. They're a total fucking irrelevance and nothing more than a tourist attraction.

But yes, Adams and the rest of the cowardly, bombing bastards need fucking torturing.

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Guest Snatch

Batten, was a paedo...

However, in thirty years time, Will's will be embracing ISIS and inviting them to share a nice cup of tea... 

​30 years time? You really think it will take that long in oh so "politically correct,give them what they want UK"?

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Guest Keith Lard

There is any doubt both Adams and McGuinness ordered the murders and maiming of people. Having said that, when the British army are colluding with the UDA you are up against it. Old Bonnie Prince Charlie has the best security money can buy, whilst these two cunts had an armour plated London taxi. They are survivors if nothing else. I am an English republican, and I'll make no apologies.

​Do you want to suck my dick Properkhunt?

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Guest nobgobbler

According to Private Eye, wogan was the man approached by the ira and given the message "the lads want to talk." So he was supposedly the first intermediary in the peace process.

Well the cunt talks slower than a retarded snail crossing an 8 lane motorway and that really gets on my tits.

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