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Fuck me ! Another one


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Guest Alfie Noakes
17 minutes ago, southerncunt said:

That's a long shot there Manky.

With the talent that has gone so far this year, I feel bad for Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. 

William Shatner must be a bit concerned too.

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Guest Drew P Pissflaps

I am surprised Ozzy Osborne still manages the get himself upright every morning. He must have gorged himself on a significantly greater quantity of exotic substances than George ever did. Except spunk, of course.

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At one point he could have fucked any woman in the country. Then he turned his back on that marvellous gift and started wanking off middle-aged fat men on Hampstead Heath. 

Anyone who wastes such opportunities to get balls deep in minge deserves to die. 

Fucking disgraceful dead poof.

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Guest Alfie Noakes
1 hour ago, Alfie Noakes said:

Did frank's death coincide with George Michael's? Could it be true, are they one and the same?

Bollocks, after a short look around I can confirm frank is alive and not George Michael. Shit!

Punkape has gone quiet.

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