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  1. Haha brilliant I remember that shop. I purchased a pair of nunchucks from there many moon's ago. I still have family in the area but rarely go back, it's fucking abysmal round that manor now. Half of the African continent have decided to settle there! What happened to the nineties mate๐Ÿ˜
  2. Eric I only know of the BM, I'm a little to young to be claiming membership. When I left school Alan Curbishley was still managing Charlton. This Eddie you speak of he's not Eddie Whicker is he ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Touche Gyper's hopefully the Easter Bunny brings you a rampant rabbit!
  4. With regards to your Diane Abbott and David Lammy tag boxing match, against the Klitschko's it's a great idea. However when time travel is sorted, I suggest sending them back to Welling and Eltham circa 1997. Carrying advertising boards with anti white slogans, like that scene in Die Hard 3 in reverse. Having to get from one to the other!
  5. I hear you loud and clear on that Eric. Sadly times have changed however and it seems most blokes were not informed. A prime example happened today popped into the city centre with a mate. ( yes I do have some, and I'm not schizophrenic) Being the hottest day of the year we were enjoying the lord's handy work, in scantily clad woman. Observing the standard operating procedure of not making to obvious. In years gone by the worst you would have got in return was a disgruntled look. Now however in this day and age, those looks are akin to some form of visual hairy ape!
  6. Be careful what you wish for son. Or you might end up balls deep, in a cut and shut. Though I appreciate the sentiment!
  7. Gyper's maybe the Guard could lend you his copy of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bill W. Due to his cataracts he's now purchased the audiobook.
  8. Jaysus Christ Eric she has been a busy little Boer hasn't she. I had no idea she had steeped to such depths of cuntishness. On first reading this nom, I thought that's a quality bit of minge there I definitely would, what's all the fuss about. Apart from when she played Arleen Wuornos, even I'm not that depraved. Pandering to the LBGTAANK ect is all the rage at the moment it seems. I'm seriously concerned where it's all gonna end but generally yawn at it. However your point regarding cross dressing the kids is on the money. I often wonder what fucking planet these moron's live on. Along with how many years of therapy will these children need.
  9. You have a valid point there!
  10. It was a typo for fucks sake in homage to the Jam, with "Down in the tube station at midnight". Not the typo I would like to add! You didn't teach English in the London area in the nineties did you? Its just that you remind me of a cunt that did.
  11. I heard that judge smelt of pubs and to many UKIP meetings.
  12. Colt 45 fuck me that's a blast from the past Eric, it was still going strong in the early 90's though, as my underage drinking career started. Anybody who confesses to drinking it while driving though, may wish to obtain a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bill W. I sincerely hope this was not during the school run (another imported load of yank bollocks, I suspect) Next thing you will be revealing that you crack open a warm special brew, with your evening meal.
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