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  1. Ghislaine as we all know use to participate in the revelry. Mind you, I'd let her tongue my balls whilst banging. Just not with an underage girl. High society fiddling faux philanthropist cunts.
  2. Bugsy Seigal, one of many. You see the Jews have been very clever constantly turning out Italian mob films. Only to distance themselves from the Jewish mob who were the dagos predecessors. Amazing what you can do when Hollywood's in your pocket.
  3. Funnily enough, I've just alluded to the mosssds involvement in an another post.
  4. He's one of Jewdys tribe I believe, and was also working for the Mossad along with UK intelligence a familiar thread in this noncery extraordinaire.
  5. I'll. Put a score on Gates definitely, and possibly Clooney, I need dates though . As a decade ago birds were queing up to give him a nosh. A problem the Major's familiar with...yeah if only. The other cunts I'm not familiar enough with.
  6. There's an interesting side note here. When old Bob Maxwell took a dive off his yaught, he was just about to be rumbled for nicking the 750 mill pension pot. Strangely enough exactly the same amount old underage-Epstien had in assets. I think even Pen could connect the dots here. The only reason she's been arrested is probably due to them extracting the location of her peado insurance. One things for sure though she won't serve more than 5 years if any.
  7. The hardly hard done by cunt isn't even black ffs. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before his bird fucks him off.
  8. In old blighty Withers, we are told the goose is quite a dangerous animal as it can break an arm with its beak. So firstly what's the backstory to you and avian love,? Secondly a pensioner should be more careful as sure viagra works on the cock, but it is not going to give speed or strength.
  9. One can only pray punkers. Anyway can't you have a word with your guvnor and speed things up?
  10. Not even cognac or wine Withers, what sort of a Frenchman are you? I bet you ply the geese something a little potent though. I'd imagine trying to mount a lucid goose could be quite dangerous in the bollocks department!
  11. He didn't really think that whole plastic explosive and detonator thing through. I'd wager his application form is spread like confetti through out the six counties.
  12. Depends on whether he cleared that tax bill or not. I heard it was the same size as Uganda's GDP....
  13. Have you ever worked in a massage parlour /sauna? Answer the question.
  14. You don't know that Gyps he might have missed his meds. That's you're department.
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