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  1. I know, Eric. I was being called Major for a few months and then some cunt switched it to MC, and it's somehow stuck. Personally, I'd prefer that my moniker reverted back to Major, to prevent the above scenarios you've described. Thanks for this diligent observation.
  2. MC, I'm really surprised that you haven't landed a daytime talk show what with the above CV. I could picture you now a Fred Dibnah lookalike sporting the obligatory flat cap, but in a rainbow tweed. Waxing lyrically about the hip new Northern social clubs that now provide transvestite comedians, and the correct etiquette at lesbian pigeon meets. You could be onto a winner!
  3. Indeed. I agree completely with self preservation, WC. I voted with pragmatism though as I honestly can't see myself paying less tax under a Tory government for the same or more public services. As Frank Sinatra sang "Something's Gotta Give" mate.
  4. He's happy living in Leeds for fucks sake, so no, absolutely not. Personally, I'm never gonna forgive him for voting Tory but that's between me and him.
  5. They're just kids being kids for fucks sake, give them a break. Personally, I'm just happy to see them off Xbox Live for an hour or two. The little cunts who wheelie out in front of traffic need a good slap though, or probably a broken arm via car, but then some poor fuckers day is ruined inflicting it. I'm sure "Sir Nige" had a solution, eh @judgetwi probably blaming the European exchange rate mechanism ect, ect, but the slippery cunts party didn't win a single seat did they? The working class might have been thick enough to buy Bojo's shit but thankfully not Farage's.
  6. That's what you call 'looking a gift horse in the mouth,' or being a stupid, stupid wanker. They both work equally well.
  7. I've a school friend of mine who's become a big cheese at a certain council. He's certainly not the brightest bulb in the display, and takes full advantage of the lax council work ethic. Preferring to do as little as fucking possible in order not to rock the gravy train. I've always considered career advancement in a local authority akin to the Communist Party. Whereby one is promoted through loyal service as opposed to actually knowing what the fuck their doing. I've often contemplated asking him for a word in the right places, if I'm honest. Who doesn't like drawing a salary for doing fuck all.
  8. That story made the 'South London Press,' Olly. The Charlton B Mob had chased the Middlesbrough hooligan contingent into a local park. Where upon a mobility scooter glided by and a portly chap launched a pair of soiled undercrackers.
  9. Major Cunt


    Now you all understand why he's such a miserable cunt.
  10. Jesus H. Christ read between the lines here. Hopefully You'll work it out for yourself when your posts start disappearing, Punkers.
  11. Merry Christmas, Punkers. You might have noticed things have gone a bit East German Stasi around here? I'll give you about 3 days before Roops bangs you up again.
  12. I've been told to tone the cunting down a bit, Jewdy. I wouldn't worry about it too much though me old china. Once things return to normal I'll be regaling the faithful with stories of white cider, homosexually, mobility scooters, and miserable bastards with their fingers in mums handbags. Keep up the good work mastermind!
  13. I wouldn't worry about it too much, RatsMarshall, we have no reason to fear either. I'd imagine it happens quite a bit in Tel Aviv, it probably explains those restaurant bombings. Ask Jewdy mate, he'll give you the full picture.
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