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  1. A couple of Ugandan illegals on Clapham Common who refused to use vaseline.
  2. Giro day today, Jewdy? I hope you've charged the battery on the mobility scooter, and I'd imagine your in Witherspoons as I type.
  3. I thought only Jodakis were aloud to live in Hounslow? The last time I happened to be passing through it looked like Karachi.
  4. I hear they've got Playstation and Xbox in the slammer now, any chance of getting one in the cooler? Also all that shitting in a bucket is very Victorian.
  5. I'd to cave Frank's head in with an anvil. I don't know if that's any help just my feelings.
  6. He loves it. During one of our periods in the HMR* high security wing. He said the Open Corner was created for those who like to really like cunt off punters. Apparently the rules didn't apply there at first. *Her majesty Roops establishment
  7. Bring back Withers and Decs for sure. Maybe bring back Frank if we do go into full down lockdown. It might be our last chance to tell him what an utter, utter cunt of a troll he is.
  8. He joined the BNP in 1983, and quickly rose through the ranks. He was solely responsible for the Crayola drawn leaflets posted in East London during the battle for Barking as being the only member with a GCSE in English. I've checked his name with every main academic awarding body and have came across nothing else. The only joy I had was with the Open University for a degree course in economics. After he failed to even get the cost of the course right on two occasions. It was decided an adult education class in basic maths would be more appropriate.
  9. YouTube documentaries mainly or the History Channel, but I get your drift.
  10. I know of Paddy Mayne, Bill. Ex Irish international rugby player, giant, alcoholic, funny and fucking nuts. One of Colonel Stirling's SAS originals, and a dam good soldier. I had no idea there was a statue though mate. I'll check that out.
  11. Fucking spooky how I changed my avatar to 'Snake Plisskin' last night, then you mention it in a random post this morning. I believe this might have been Donald Pleasence's last film, I might be wrong. He was a fantastic English actor and a favourite of mine. As 'Doctor Samuel Loomis' in 'Halloween 1' is probably his legacy part in my opinion. I just felt reminded of Snake, and am hoping to possibly do some of his acts. I'm a convicted criminal who knows a bit about firearms, but unfortunately not ex special forces. However I've read Andy McNabb's book from a squadie to SAS sergeant, so I'm hoping that's enough.
  12. You're bang on the money there, Stubbs. I've received about 8 rat likes In total, it's akin to hunting for truffles. An uninformed punter could easily mistake him for a Kike.
  13. Good man, Ratters. Remain in CB radio contact my handles Major Cunt, okay. Me, Eric, and Bill, will probably be requiring you as a pilot. Bring the corned beef along, we'll take care of the firepower!
  14. I have exactly the same outlook on this, Eric. You might have noticed I'd changed my avatar in honour of 'Snake Plisskin,' I'm thinking more 'Escape From New York as opposed 'LA.' I've got a Terminator 1 style list of weapons I'll be stashing at the Majors residence, particularly a Franchi SPAS Automatic Shotgun. I've had a half decent life, let's go out in style!
  15. Fair enough. Maybe I'd dreamed the whole thing and should be seeking psychiatric help again, or possibly you've sobered up. Whatever the case, I shall be putting this whole business behind me in the tradition of Islamic principles. I'm thinking of converting now the war could well be lost. I seriously fucking hope I'm wrong... insha'Allah
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