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  1. It was an afterthought, but well spotted. I could have also added a detestable goose abusing French cunt, as he's normally got his tongue up Frank's haemorrhoid covered arsehole.
  2. Now, now cocksucker, you're in absolutely no position to be poking fun at fat cunts given your well publicised struggle with weight. Rumour has it that your redneck trailer is struggling with subsidence as a result of your bulk. I'll take it that the fire brigade will be assisting with your relocation with the aid of a winch? You certainly never fail to disappoint on the comedy front though. You spectacularly dated thick cunt.
  3. Well, what would you prefer to be called? What sits better with you?
  4. Hilarious. Anything else simpleton?
  5. @Frank I can run rings around you whenever I choose, you know it, the faithful know it, and I certainly know it. Listen, just reading the preface to Machiavelli's "The Prince" doesn't make you a master of manipulation. You've upset every single decent poster here at one time or another, and the crowds with me. Your clique consists of a nonce, a yank, and a couple of thick non-entitys. Basically, you're absolutely fucked...
  6. I'm half-cut today Francis, give me a break, hey. Some of us were out in the real world on the piss and the bugle, while you spent an evening alone with the shipping forecast. You sad rattling wanker.
  7. You're the next to be taken out of the game simpleton. I can assure you that sticking your thick fucking head above the parapet was not a bright idea.
  8. University my arse. Thick as mud.

    1. Cuntybaws
    2. Major Cunt

      Major Cunt

      Close, but not Warwick.

      I'm really getting to you Kleftiko. Epic stuff.

  9. Quick question, 404. Whilst you're grooming prepubescent boys on Xbox live from a gaming chair purchased with a DLA allowance. Are you still strapped into your calipers, and wearing Superman y-fronts?
  10. You're on the ropes again too. Two cunts for the price of one. Excellent.
  11. Hilarious. Anything else cocksucker?
  12. Frank, I have the physique of an Adonis, and a degree from a respectable university. As a working class lad from South East London, I've surpassed most peoples expectations.
  13. I've got you on the ropes again, Franco. Marvelous.
  14. @Frank I'm going to glass you when I spot you up the West End, and that's after I give you a beating you will never, never forget.
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