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  1. It's too late, Eddie. You won't see it coming, I've got a Barret 50 calibre sniper rifle, and a bullet with your name on. Fix up blud!
  2. You're turning into a poor man's Frank, Ed. It's certainly not something you should aspire too. What the fucks happened. Don't make me and @Eric Cuntmantake a trip to Chislehurst, to plant a burning cross in your bungalows front garden!
  3. Pen, you subservient hermaphrodite simpleton. I've noticed an amusing pattern to your atrocious horseshit. Being that whenever the cadaverous cunt Kleftiko chucks you a few bones metaphorically speaking your bollocks seem to grow? Time and time again you've tried to mix it with the faithful, and come unstuck. When are you gonna get the message that every decent commentator thinks you're a fucking idiot. Turn it in for fucks sake!
  4. That's certainly above and beyond the call of duty, Withers, you filthy French pervert. I've now gotta a mental image of you I'd rather forget, resembling a geriatric Gerard Depardieu mounting Pens hairy derrière. Fucking disgusting Monsieur, but credit where its due!
  5. Bang on the money there Stubbs. As much as I hate to admit it due to my blatant xenophobia and our mutual loathing, the frog cunts been on a roll this past week. What with Decs away in dago-land you're certainly in with a shot at poll position. Eric's returning to good form and a few others are making a push. Obviously we can't have a Frenchman topping the board!
  6. I've got a lovely little Austin Princess on the forecourt, @Eddie. I guarantee it'll make you the most eligible bachelor in Lagos, and Roops wetter than an otters pocket. You know it makes sense.
  7. I did, Eric. I was reading the Standard earlier and there was a breaking news article on his demise. I mused to a colleague "it ain't all bad, Britain's worst fucking sex-case has just been stabbed". So I did a bit of digging on this filthy cunt with the idea of nominating him, but obviously not his demise, only to login and find a piss poor effort on the board. So thanks for that cheesy-bellend or whatever your fucking name is.
  8. @Dustyballs are you gonna have this. You're under sustained attack from the most humourless, boring, fucking wanker here in Glowworm aka Pen. If you can't even see of this unendurable tranny I don't fancy your chances for longevity.
  9. As a professed God botherer this filthy fucking nonce Huckle should know the lord often moves in mysterious ways. In this case welding a sharpened bog brush in a top security jail. Personally I'd have preferred him to have served about 20 years of random and excessive beatings before meeting this grizzly fate.
  10. Yawn. When are you going to delete your account or shoot up a high school anyway? You painfully unfunny inbred mullet sporting cunt. I wrote that retort in under a minute, dickhead, and you're way out of your depth.
  11. It's Co-codamol you dense cunt.
  12. How about Fuck off. You tedious old cunt.
  13. Seriously Pen, "care to use a couple of brain-cells"? Probably the funniest comment I've heard this week. You really are a fucking idiot as the irony of this is clearly lost on you. Obviously I'll have to log on early again next Sunday for another ferocious counter-attack from the cream of the Corner.
  14. Many an Angolian has hung out the back of you though, Punkers.
  15. So that's the view from your chateau cum B&Q shed then, Withers, after being cheated out of your life savings by a sheep shagger. Personally I'd like to see your shithole of a country invaded, and flattened by the Wermacht again. Unfortunately for us the Krauts ain't up to the job having been invaded with as many Arabs as France.
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