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  1. Major Cunt

    Owen Jones

    Batty man, more like it.
  2. You mean rummage through the refuse bins of Booths, Waitrose or Farmshops? Lol, fuck off, ect.
  3. I wish our handgun laws were slightly looser, but some cunt decided to use Hungerford as a fucking target range. Not that it's stopped Eddie's kindred acquiring and using such weapons.
  4. It's a nice bit of kit Eric, for sure. I'm pretty old school myself going for a 9mm Berretta or possibly a Browning? Not as old school as Jewdy though, who favours a 12 bore sawn of on bits of work. Rumour has it the flying squad mounted an operation, after his mobility scooter was spotted following a Securicor van. There was an innocent explanation though. The old bill were convinced by his protestations of it being the year 1977 and dementia sufferers ID card.
  5. You've lost if Kleftiko. Spent force wanker!
  6. Xanax and Mogadon ect from China/India is where it's at now, so I'm told.
  7. If only lol. No just the movement of certain beneficial substances from Rotterdam to London. Know what I mean!
  8. Long before my time Bill I've only just turned 40. Though I've heard about slopping out and having to launch shit parcels out the window, glad I didn't know that. Mine was in my early 20s, my cousin and brother moved to Holland and you could probably guess the rest. I'm sure Punkers spends his time on the cucumbers lol.
  9. Shut it cuntchops. You insufferable prat!
  10. He certainly does, and the Major had many a pony in her majesty's establishments.
  11. You done a bit of bird Bill? I thought you might had due to some of your lingo in previous posts.
  12. Shame some fucker doesn't slot Pen at a trainspotting convention.
  13. Well if he's carrying a Ruger LC9 he's generally right Bill.
  14. Which previous tussles are they then? From my recollection all you provided were questionable rebuffs. As we say in sarf London. Do me a favour! And show us your clam while you're at it Princess.
  15. It's ability to polymorph and receive updates, combined with its tiny size certainly impressed me. I'll check that "Mr Robot" episode, cheers.
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