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  1. Err where could it possibly interpreted is that. On second thoughts don't bother answering you nauseating old cross dresser. Much better you trawl the BBC news site for more pointless nom's, obviously in-between checking if any punters, have left a phone number in the gents toilets.
  2. Albert has a raging smack habit, so when he's not out stealing coffee and bacon to fund his addiction, he's drooling in front of day time telly.
  3. I'd wager a handsome sum that you either own one of these, or your saving your disability living allowance to purchase one.
  4. Shouted in a shrill camp voice. You've clearly been watching gay porn again with retorts like that, or you were possibly shouting it at the last unite against fascism march, what a mixed up queen you must be Fuck off Yiddo.
  5. I had a sneaking suspicion the Jewish Judge was posting there, he's under some alias or another, though I spotted the general tone and prose of his rants. I've tried encouraging Ratty to return his serves, with both barrels from a sawn of 12 bore of cunting.
  6. I come here for the cunting Bill not a leaderboard position. However that being said I've noticed Eric seducing the new punter's for likes, the cunt should start chucking some my way again. Lol
  7. Explains your presence on the leaderboard though Billy, to be fair!
  8. Major Cunt


    Come on RatsMarshall you've got more in the tank than that retort, you're becoming quite lucid lately. I'm gonna suggest you unload both barrels on the Judge. Unleash the Cunt, you know it makes sense!
  9. Major Cunt


    How's Golders Green these Days Jewdy?
  10. Major Cunt


    I'm in tears. Have a like! 😂😂😂😂
  11. Major Cunt


    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/commuters-saw-man-have-sex-with-goat-6329803.html It was Hull, I stand corrected, close enough though!
  12. Major Cunt


    I do now, though due to a combination of not giving a monkeys and being to lazy to check, I'm gonna take your word for it. I did go with the family to Hunstanton and Chromer a few years back, had a pleasant time with nice beaches I recall. I was under the impression that the county sport though involved milk crates behind livestock, on exposed fields next to commuter rail lines, encompassing a danger fuck!
  13. All valid points there Judge. However I would definitely introduce article 5 as evidence. Being unsure of one's sexuality and suffering complications, related to late stage syphilis.
  14. Major Cunt


    Eric won't like you speaking of his bird, like that!
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