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People Who Use Words Like Wossname And Thingy


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I was discussing a problem with a contractor today and he proceeded to explain to me that he didn't buy o-rings from Wossname, as he preferred to buy them from Wossname. Well, thanks for explaining that to me; I'll know where to go when I need o-rings next time. The English language contains a wealth of words, so fucking use them you lazy cunts.

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And the last words on the shuttle?

What's this button for?

The O-ring was a seal rather than a washer. Whereas your washing machine was leaking soapy water, the faulty ring within the booster rocket was spewing hot gases adjacent to the main external tank.


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How the fuck can a washer cause a space shuttle to explode? My washing machine doesn't explode when a washer fails. All that happens is I have to do a barefoot Cinderella and mop up and call my opinionated, racist, sexist plumber to fix it.

Your plumber sounds like a good lad.Is he on this site?

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Guest stamponkittens

Mrs Stampon says "Doofler" and "Dooflerdunger" and the stupid whelk thinks I haven't worked out she's a Nazi. dirty cow.

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fucked it up first time
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