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  1. The size of these vape device gadgets is getting ridiculous. They will soon resemble the Ghostbusters Electronic Proton back pack. Cunts take great pride in blowing out massive clouds of shit, the bigger the vapor device and cloud produced, the bigger the chav.
  2. Thompson all inclusive holiday resorts are full of 'inked up' chav's, you may as well holiday in a modern UK prison, similar food and facilities.
  3. I'm glad you all find the story of Anne Frank amusing, I'm sorry I do not, my grandfather died at Auschwitz...........He fell out of his guard tower.
  4. These space invaders stand far too close whilst having a chat, for some reason they have to converse within an inch of your face. It does not make any difference if you retreat to a comfortable distance the cunts will close the gap in an instant. They do not have any comprehension that the spicy lunch or afternoon beers have made their breath putrid, even if you screw your face up as a clue it does not register. Conversation's should be at a comfortable distance of at least 1 meter.
  5. you should be more concerned with the massive tax hikes coming your way aimed at foreigners with holiday homes.
  6. If she is 50/50 in the polls, in reality she will walk it, same as Brexit, no one wanted to admit to voting Brexit in the polls, but voted that way in private. The end of the EU in sight
  7. He should now get into acting. Although coffee shops are staffed with out of work Rada trained, beautiful specimens, adverts and TV shows are now full of razzers. Some of them put me right of my KFC.
  8. Jacko I've booked you into the priory, usual room, same six week stay. You're needed on CC, now more than ever, you was always the best on here.
  9. Ask roops, she is doing well in her job and has a new entry level Mercedes-Benz. Time to strike.
  10. Nicola Sturgeon has accused the Theresa May of opportunism, thank God we have Jimmy krankie to point out the fucking obvious.
  11. Our GDP now includes the black market, from drugs to rent boys, this additional calculation has added 1.3 billion to our foreign aid budget last year. Its time to pull the plug on it all and start again with sensible, traceable funding that is affordable.
  12. Your confusing the aids you have with the foreign aids budget, its not a lump of money for homo's you know.
  13. Another unbelievable waste of our money is a scheme thought up to help alleviate poverty in 'middle income' nations. Britain's foreign aid budget is being offered to the Chinese to help look after their elderly, whilst some of our own elderly have a choice of eating or keeping their homes warms over winter months. Our embassy in Beijing is inviting groups to apply for cash from a £1.3 billion fund. UK diplomats have even held a workshop to encourage applications.
  14. Nice one Lurkio; it was in the Telegraph, although not in the Daily Star so you probably missed it.