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  1. immigrant fucking scroungers
  2. Just one question, was she straight before she met you?
  3. As long as the bag was cable tied air tight...
  4. Who exactly are going to get the new flats in Kensington?, it appears that a number of the flats at Grenfell Tower were sublet. The people whose names are on the tenancies will get rehoused at the new upmarket site, and the people who were actually living unofficially in the tower at the time of the fire won’t get rehoused. The sub letters will then sublet again, however receive a higher rent from the new upmarket properties.
  5. Nice to see Danniella Westbrook is on the mend.
  6. I will nominate Jo Guest, neil must remember this page 3 stunner, although the years have not been kind
  7. Deleted, video didn't work but was very funny I can assure you.
  8. No its not just semantics, that's the point I'm making, lol, silly emoji.
  9. I would guess the Saudis would say that they follow true Islam and the others just follow a watered down version, and following in that thought Isis are the true believers as they would die for Islam. Anyway thanks Rick.
  10. Mmm I wonder if fatty fat fat black would agree?
  11. Too true snatch, but the majority of followers of Islam are not white working class, so it is absolutely right that Islam can openly preach views that would make Hitler turn in his grave without challenge. Any one that does question the teachings is cast aside as a bigot right wing nazi, as the yanks say go figure.
  12. As you know so much about Islam I was wondering why Corbyn is so hell bent on showing support for the religion of peace when Islam in its true form as practiced in Saudi Arabia has no women's rights, is homophobic and does not believe in democracy?
  13. So you claim to know more about Islam than those brought up in the faith and are willing to die in battle? These people have dedicated their life to Islam and you have the front to proclaim what they believe is a subversion of Islam. Must be nice to know more about the faith than those who actually live it every day, silly emoji
  14. No booze? Fucking Light Weight.