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Guest Ollyboro

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Guest DingTheRioja

jesus fucking H fucking christ....

They must be taking the piss, I know there's a shit load of chavvy scum round there, but I could go there and pick a dozen better lookers in 20 minutes.  There's only about 3 in there that are actually pretty, a lot are "not pissed enough yet" and a lot are Even Neil wouldn't...

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I was wrong, there's only 3 nice ones... 2, 9 & 21
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16 minutes ago, Alfie Noakes said:

They all look like candidates for a Spice Girls or Sugababes tribute act.

All of them look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down

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Guest deebom

Fuck me. I could find 22 better looking birds at work. I think it's a combination of shit makeup artist (They all appear to have the same make up.) and shit photographer.

Law of averages says they cant really all be that fucking rough.

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Guest Tata Steely Dan

I thought Crufts finished last week?

Anyway, proof positive that if you carry out heavy industry in an area for the best part of 300 years the heavy pollutants, oxidents and hydrocarbons will result in some freaky deaky defects. Jeysus.

These poor girls, sorry, "lasses", aren't helped by the weird heavy stage/night time makeup they are wearing in the middle of the day. Top marks for whoever picked out the makeup that makes those girls' teeth look brown.

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Guest Alfie Noakes
3 hours ago, southerncunt said:

I think the Vikings took all the good looking ones 1000 years ago, and this is what is left....

Christ, they are better out here on average, and we are all sun ravaged convicts.

There is one great advert for Aussie women, Kylie.

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