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Wimbledon: Menstruation is the new Robinson’s Barley Water

Last Cunt Standing

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I’m no stranger to discussions of a gynaecological nature, in fact I spent too high a proportion of my working life discussing menstrual flow with women of all ages. And a few men. 

I have to draw the line though at the LTA, who’s big PR drive this year to launch Wimbledon is to permit the XX community (aka “people with a uterus”) to wear dark undershorts, previously banned by the all-white kit policy, in case said Tennisette happens to be shedding the lining of her endometrium during a forehand rally.

Presumably these highly paid athletes are well aware that medical science has moved on from handfuls of straw or newspaper down the undercrackers? Believe it or not, medical science can now have a fair stab at controlling, delaying, or indeed stopping monthly bleeding for most women, particularly young athletic types. Surely this would be preferable to the now inevitable whispered commentary among the assembled Home Counties types about which young Russian bit of totty might be on the blob. Those choosing dark shorts might as well be marched on to court by a ball girl ringing a hand bell crying “unclean”. 

Former female champions presumably had to deal with this issue without coming onto court in thick black “dignity pants”, causing murmurings from the royal box. Chances are Steffi Graf and Billie Jean King were often shaking hands with the Duchess of Kent whilst haemorrhaging. We didn’t need to know then and we don’t need to know now. 

It puts me right off my strawberries and cream, for one thing. Cunts. 

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5 hours ago, Hammer of Cunts said:

Having fought long and hard for equal pay, employment rights and concessions in pretty much every walk of life, wimmin are now relying on biological frailty to claim yet more special privileges.

I don't recall seeing any marches demanding equal opportunity for brickies and miners.

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