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Fucking Stamp Duty

Added By: ReverendCoitus Today at 11:09
Fucking Stamp Duty So, we've signed the missives, with no deposition to finalise, as it's a cash sale and the fucking arse-captains have hit us with a tax on a tax on a tax. It's already cost us just over £3k in fees and now I'm shelling out twice the price of my much needed Rick Parfitt hand-built fucking Telecaster, so that George Fucking Osborne can have a custom-made duck castle in the grounds of his private estate. Ironically, I've now to provide evidence of the source of my savings, so that I don't implicate the bastards in a money laundering enterprise. Cuntrywide plc are cunts.
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Added By: ratdeath on Friday, April 18, 2014, 10:53 pm
MINNIE CALDWELL Let Ena Sharples walk all over her and ended up blowing Jack Walker for a milk stout.
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Chelsea Clinton

Added By: Razzell on Friday, April 18, 2014, 6:09 pm
Chelsea Clinton Good on her. She's 34, and pregnant. That's fine, congratulations. She's a Clinton though, so she announced it at a political event. It's a little bit arrogant and solipsistic. Apparently, she doesn't mind if it's a girl or a boy. I've got news for you; chances are better than average that you'll not be disappointed.
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Added By: TheCuntessa on Friday, April 18, 2014, 8:03 am
Predicaments So, Amazon, Gawd Bless 'em, have sent me a replacement watch for one that I reported had broken after eight months (it was a pricey item) on the proviso that I return the faulty one within the month. The new one arrives today and just for interest I check the 'broken one' only to find the sodding thing has started working again. They call me Tessa Two Timepieces. What do I do - do I pretend I posted the faulty one back and claim it got lost in the post and profit from my dishonesty, or, do I look like a complete chump and send the new one back, or, do I send the 'faulty' one back only for them to find out I'm a cunt?
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Added By: Lady-Penelope on Thursday, April 17, 2014, 9:27 pm
YSGOL Worst days of my life .. I couldn't wait to fucking leave.
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Added By: Lady-Penelope on Thursday, April 17, 2014, 11:20 am
WASP WORLD Fuck me ..I wish that this once was for real .. I would book a season ticket for most of my relatives.
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16:20Eh?What an arse. I bet Cyril Smith got something too.
Posted By ratdeath
16:02Malaysia MH370. Shit.Thank you pea-pot.. such kind words, cards and other shit... thank you all. My day will be complete once I've finished this bottle of eau de vie de prune, and oldtimer minkey finds it in his miserable self to send his best wishes. How could anyone dislike me?
Posted By Frank
15:17MINNIE CALDWELLWorse when you consider old Minnie and Hot-pot Betty wanted a naked tag-team in the barrel-cellar.
Posted By ReverendCoitus
14:29Malaysia MH370. Shit.Not quite everyone, Herr Doktor.
Posted By judgetwi
13:51Fucking Stamp Dutygood nom. and to top it all, the tax return form landed this morning.
Posted By brandnewcombineharvester
13:51Malaysia MH370. Shit.Crafty old Zorba! By simple NLP youíve got everyone on here thinking youíre Ďa man of woman borní. Begs the question then, what the fuck did I make in my workshop all those years ago? Minky.
Posted By ratdeath
13:48MINNIE CALDWELLShe was a bit spunky wasn't she DC?
Posted By ratdeath
12:55Eh?Well apparently Nigel Evans got a rectum allowance.
Posted By Ducunti
12:53Malaysia MH370. Shit.Happy birthday Frank. I'm sure at this very moment, that you are pondering the futility of life, realizing that you are one step closer to the grave and that we are all nothing more then brief, insignificant specks within the vast majesty of the cosmos. Many happy returns minkey.
Posted By agentpeanut
12:53GODYou could always seek out a local insurgent with a suicide vest he would arrange sending you to meet him.
Posted By Ducunti
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