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Fat cuntbreeds in summer.

Added By: fender777 Today at 00:01
Fat cuntbreeds in summer. One of the worst things about the hot weather, it brings out every fucking fat bastard cuntwrap, fucking fat gut scraping the pavement, double chins quivering when they talk, check that out next time you speak to a fat cuntbreed in the heat, fucking sweat pissing off them, a fucking water ban, who you kidding, just ring these giant cuntcakes out to dry, and could take care of the droughts around the world, fuck me i have found a solution to that problem, anyway back to these pricks, and guaranteed most of these fat fuckers have no shame in showing they're rolls of fat to the rest of us by walking around topless, men and women, you can't tell the difference, while snacking on some fat fucking fast food, i proclaim a fat ban be in place so these walking mountains of shit stay indoors.
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Cunts with dreadful regional accents

Added By: Punk-ape on Thursday, July 24, 2014, 11:57 pm
Cunts with dreadful regional accents Elocution lessons used to be all the rage where people ironed out repulsive "regional" accents and learned how to speak the Queens English. Our language is mangled by "estuary" English in the Thames valley and by hayseed yokels in Anglia and the Fens. In the Midlands they talk down their nose like a load of constipated cunts. In the South West they all sound like pissed pirates. The Welsh talk unintelligible gibberish.The Liverpudlians do the same but make it sound uglier and stupider.The Geordies sound like adolescent cretins with permanent gormless expressions. The Yorkshire accent is disgustingly painful on the ear and should be eradicated along with certain Yorkshire cities.Sheffield for example. Anyone speaking with a Manchester accent should be shunned and ostracised .Ugliest of all is the Glaswegian accent which should be eradicated at all costs.It is the true abortion of speech and grates ear passages with mind boggling incoherent blather. Learn to speak English properly or shut the fuck up. I was privately educated.
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Added By: cockedpistol on Thursday, July 24, 2014, 11:29 pm
BHS This lot are cunts for their selfishness, idleness and destructiveness. I wouldn't be surprised to find they have DEFRA in their pockets. In fact let's nom DEFRA as cunts at the same time for not being in touch with majority opinion.
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Ant Man

Added By: scruj on Thursday, July 24, 2014, 7:32 pm
Ant Man WTF Bronski. Have you been to busy enjoying the fruits of your mums flesh and missed Comic-Con? Anyhow I see that Marvel have progressed the character Ant-Man but beleive that most people will be thoroughly fucked off when they learn that he can be wiped out with a large shoe or a sprinkling of some Nippon. What a cunt.
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Henry Fucking Winkler. Cunt.

Added By: ReverendCoitus on Thursday, July 24, 2014, 10:55 am
Henry Fucking Winkler. Cunt. I caught a few minutes of the colonic polyp-scrapings that was "Happy Days" recently on some fucking channel, or other and was quite taken aback at how much of a fucking half-pint wanker this greasy little Jimmy Durante-nosed, Lord of Flatbush, dull-witted bastard was/is, although Mrs Cunningham would've taken a proper fucking spanking off the Rev. In fact, the best thing I've read about the diminutive, bullet-headed and shoulderless cunt is that his father used to beat the cunt fucking senseless because of his dyslexia. Good. Somewhere is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen for you to breathe, Winkler. I think you owe it an apology. Now, fuck off. Cunt.
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The opening ceremony of the commonwealth games 2014

Added By: jimmy-goat on Thursday, July 24, 2014, 5:28 am
The opening ceremony of the commonwealth games 2014 Nessie, tartan, bagpipes, traditional music, haggis, Rod Steward and many other poor stereotypes. Also why they added the gay kiss is beyond me
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00:43Cunts with dreadful regional accentsI get entertainment from American English. So many colourful metaphors and colloquialisms. They take being an ignorant cunt to new heights.
Posted By KuntaCunty
00:33Fat cuntbreeds in summer.Let's go for a run, fattie. I'll make it easy, 5k. If you show up with your oxygen tank and mobility scooter, you're disqualified, and targeted for public kicking. Tell your day carer to charge the mobile, it will be needed to phone for the EMT's.
Posted By KuntaCunty
00:25Fat cuntbreeds in summer.Take my Mountain Dew and Oreos away from me and I fucking chin you cunt!
Posted By BronyKeith
00:22Fat cuntbreeds in summer.You fat Sod !
Posted By Punk-ape
00:19Fat cuntbreeds in summer.Stealing is wrong. However, a stringent and sustained public ridicule regimen should help solve the problem.
Posted By KuntaCunty
00:16Cunts with dreadful regional accentsYa fuckin numpty!
Posted By Cuntybaws
00:16Fat cuntbreeds in summer.I can hear the moon screaming, get that fat cuntbreed out of my way.
Posted By fender777
00:15Fat cuntbreeds in summer.You could bring in a new law to allow the able bodied to steal food from the obese without fear of prosecution.
Posted By Punk-ape
00:14Fat cuntbreeds in summer.Even though the cunt in the picture obviously lacks any self-control, you'd think that a sense of shame would at least keep them off the beaches but no. Under no circumstances give that cunt a wafer thin after dinner mint.
Posted By Cuntybaws
00:14Fat cuntbreeds in summer.Get that fatty off the beach... The tide wants to come in.
Posted By Jazz
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