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Fat cuntbreeds in summer.
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losers who sell shit in the free paper fo 50p
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Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt.

Added By: ReverendCoitus Today at 11:33
Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt. Anyone remember this irritating, freckled ginger cunt-stick? Almost certainly born out of Keith Bastard Chegwin's "School of Over-Exuberant Savilists-in-Waiting, Masquerading as Part-Time DJ and Children's "Entertainer" shower of stabbable fuckwits, he droned and bored-to-fucking death a generation of cunts in the 80s with his cheeky-chappie Cockney geezer bastard contumely. His happy-go-lucky demeanour almost certainly masking a facade of something not yet discovered and exposed by the red-tops. Do you still have a love of nature, despite what it did to you, you rusty-gusseted wanker? I'd like to MIG-weld the flame-haired cunt to my work-bench and beat him to fucking death with the soggy end of Chris Packham, then set both of the anachronistic, as entertaining as a spastic colon fuck-holes on fire. Keith Flint's a cunt.
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Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom.

Added By: BronyKeith Today at 02:39
Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom. You see the blonde chick on the right? Do you guys want to fuck her? Well you could forget it because she is my stepmom and is married to my Dad who served in the American military. Only me and my dad get to have a piece of that ass you cunts!
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Noms that get loads of attention and comments for no real reason

Added By: jackothecunt on Monday, July 28, 2014, 8:52 pm
Noms that get loads of attention and comments for no real reason Look at Minky's Nom below - now on a crazy weekend Nomfest, that pile of bollocks will walk away with about 5 comments. However, its been busy tonight, lots of cunts on with nothing better to do, and he's raking them in. Whilst some real quality on here is being ignored. And none of them using cheap gimmicks to get attention either.
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Working your notice

Added By: Minky on Monday, July 28, 2014, 6:05 pm
Working your notice Working your notice is a right cunt. I gave one years notice in March, although I am only obliged to give four months, and now I have reached the four month stage it is difficult to deal with colleagues and clients seriously now. A bit like the period after your o levels before you were released for the holidays!
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Added By: Jazz on Monday, July 28, 2014, 12:17 am
RETIREMENT Having now decided “To go through my Change” and to grasp my menopause by the horns, I kindly ask what activities or pastimes should I consider, to relieve myself from pending boredom? I've never been one for knitting or bowls, and making greetings cards is not my bent. Taking-up archery and becoming a bowman is also out of the question as the Mrs is way off target, and ambling also sucks. Pen, what do YOU do to waste your days?
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Classic Car Rescue

Added By: sCUNThorpe on Sunday, July 27, 2014, 8:42 pm
Classic Car Rescue Bernie Fineman and his Canadian business partner Mario Pacione - they have 4 top class mechanics/car restorers working 12 hours a day for 3 weeks & count their labour costs as £1500. Cunts - they should try getting a job done at my local VW dealership!
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13:42Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt.Don't know him, but looks as though he would benefit from being stabbed. I know I would.
Posted By jackothecunt
13:41Voluntary Financial Contributions to websites that are siphoned offHere we fucking go again...........
Posted By jackothecunt
13:40Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom.Dig deeper Keef, some of us are starting to think that you aren't real !
Posted By jackothecunt
13:33Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt.Having reviewed his sad bio ("Fun Factory"? "The Modern World"?) I have absolutely no recollection of this faux-ginger cuntstick. He certainly looks like a cunt, though.
Posted By Cuntybaws
13:32Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt.Doesn't matter really.. they are all cunts and so qualify...
Posted By DingIsBack
13:25Cunts who gift you Fucking Door-Stops and other Items of Worthless Shite. Bastards.It doesn't get much better than a side boob glance of Miss Marceau's chesticles.
Posted By cunthunter
13:24Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom.Quite bodacious, dude. Most excellent!
Posted By Cuntybaws
13:20Gary Fucking Crowley. Cunt.At first I thought it was the guy who did that mogadon version of 'Mad World' but that turned out to be Gary Jules. Then I thought it was the occultist, but that was Aleister Crowley. Eeeeeeh, I'm as mad as an 'I don't know what' sometimes, me.
Posted By jiggerycock
13:17Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom.20 minutes? You must have been too stupified by the shite to remember where the remote control and the window were...
Posted By DingIsBack
13:14Cunts who want to fuck my stepmom.Well said. That film was fucking awful, at least the first 20 minutes of it (which was all I managed to endure.)
Posted By scotty
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